Getting harder to hear conversations

I’m only 12 months from my last test and new aids. The last month or so, I’m feeling like I’m really struggling to hear one on one conversations. Not only in busy places but also feel like I’m mixing up words in general conversations.

I have had my aids checked and cleaned……is it possible my hearing is dropping off quickly? Really frustrating. It’s not that I can’t hear noise - the opposite. The crazy part is I don’t feel “deaf” at all. I can even hear in the morning without the aids but not sure what’s been fully said if away from me or in another room.

Anyone had anything similar? Suggestions?

I find it important to get at least annual hearing test and check ups. When getting aids the first time, and new to your hearing loss semi-annual hearing test should be done until the audiologist and you understand the progression or stability of your hearing loss. I have been wearing aids for about 17 years and try to at least get annual test now that I know how my hearing loss is progressing.


Yes annual test and with any luck your aids just need adjusting


Knowing your word understanding would help you understand what’s going on with your hearing.
The audiogram doesn’t always tell you what going on.

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  • Left - 68% @ 75 dB hL
  • Right - 84% @ 75 dB hL

That was my last test. Not sure if good or bad? If speech drops off does the audio gram also drop off? I feel like I have good volume just clarity is the issue.


Thanks for the information.
Do you happen to know what it was earlier?
Looking for a trend.


Something else, are these old aids that have not been tuned in a while?
It’s very important to keep the aids properly tuned for your hearing loss.
This keeps your brain sharp for speech understanding.


L 96 at 80
R 88 at 80. That was 2 years previous.

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That left ear has changed a bunch. Has something changed?

Sorry I missed your first post about new aids a year ago.

Did your audiologist seem concerned about your left ear word understanding going down? That needs to be addressed.

Did the whole ENT thing and they found nothing!!!


Tuff situation.
Second opinions are really good sometimes.
Got to try and get that word understanding up.
Good luck

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Part of this depends on the cause of your hearing loss. I have sshl, brought on by 8 years of maximum dose of naproxen. ENT said my hearing loss is progressive, and will continue to decline. He advised me to start learning sign language, in 2014). Is it a given that I will be completely deaf at some point? No. Are both ears the same? No. Lots of variables.

I got new hearing aids, KS9s, in Oct 2019. I know my hearing loss is greater now; I recently turned on closed captioning on my TV, as I am not able to figure out the words without it.

Hello, can you tell us what haid you wear now? And how long you are using them?

I do realize there will decline, and I conclude now to improve the power haid is a thing.

I started with Widex and domes, medium-size. Furthermore, I was told I need the top Widex, but I couldn’t afford it. Today, Costco Preza and molds. Life has changed a lot. Looking to jump into Costco Jabra.

People have advised me to learn sign language but I grew up in the hearing world and don’t know anyone who knows sign language. So what good would that do


YES! My thought too. This is what I was advised: you will make new friends, in the deaf community. We humans are social creatures; we need to communicate with others. This will allow us to do that. Learning ASL puts you in a class with others who are dear / hearing impaired. And so you make new friends, that way.

Oticon 1 I believe….

Yes, I agree that ASL is not much use to someone if there are no others in your life/community with whom to communicate. In the 13+ years that I have struggled with speech, I have encountered exactly one person who knew ASL. That said, I did make a start last winter during lockdown. However I was then approved for my cochlear implant, and now I am busy doing rehab.

I’m week 4 into a 7 week lipreading course.

It is a free course for me so I thought I’d do it anyway but didn’t think I would benefit much from it. How wrong was I?! I’m learning so much from it.

Are lipreading courses available in the US? I’m in the UK. I also understand the issue with mask wearing.

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What does that mean, “nothing”? Are you referring to a physical exam and inspection of your auditory canal? What were the results of the tuning fork tests: Webber and RInne? Clearly there is a drop off in your scores over two years. If your hearing is declining overall you would expect to see a decline in speech recognition as most age related hearing loss involves the frequencies involved in speech recognition. You should have a new audiology evaluation done.

Not sure if the ENT testing results but they told me the thought it was an unusual loss for my age but after testing, MRi etc. Everything was normal except my loss

Below are my word rec scores from the three previous years

In ‘18

L 100% at 80
R 100% at 80

In ‘19

L 96% at 80
R 88% at 80

In ‘20

L 68% at 75
R 84% at 75

I’m not sure if this is normal for my loss or maybe on the high side ? Love to know anyone’s thoughts on this? Experience etc

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