Getting first HA's Wednesday

Hi all, I have a higher frequency loss (above 3kz) and a lot of trouble hearing in noisy areas. The audiologist suggested trying Exelias. WOW, each cost more than my first car, and I’m not that old. But, if that’s what is needed… Besides, I’m really getting tired of not being able to hear. Very frustrating.

So… My fitting is Wednesday and I’m unsure of what to expect at first. Does it take a whole bunch of trips to the audiologist to get them right? For those of you who got their first pair, did you notice a marked improvement right away? I have to ask people to repeat themselves. I really hope that gets better. Anything I should make sure of getting right the first time? Anything you wish you would have done or asked?

Again, I’m new at this. So,thanks for any help you can offer. :confused:

To find hearing aid that cost less than your car, try Costco (real audiologist),, or

Cowbell I hope it goes well Wednesday. I ordered my set from American Hears at close on Friday and they should be at my office on Tue or Wed so I am excited as well and have been learning the software so I can tweak the aids using my PC in my office or at home.

I would visit another audi. If your doctor wanted to remove your liver you would probably want a second opinion. Removing your wallet through your liver calls for one as well.

On second thought this was not helpful. I apologize.

I noticed a remarkable difference the first time I wore HAs. I asked the audi what to expect and she said I could expect to hear birds and the cat or dog walking across the floor. I came home after the fit and took my dogs outside and though I could hear birds before I received the HAs with them I heard many more birds, not numbers but species, I heard the dogs walking across the leaves and sitting at the breakfast room table I heard water boil in the kitchen.

For me it didn’t take a lot of trips back to the audi and if I remember correctly I have been back 4-5 times for adjustments and part of that was because I changed from a open dome to a micro-mold in my left ear because of physical fit problems and because the receiver is closer to the ear drum I had adjustments made to the initial setting; volume down and less bass.

Use the HAs as much as you can the next few days and like the advice I was given make notes when you perceive a problem. Note the situation, environment, and sound effect (tinny, distance, loud, garbled, etc), so if and when you do return you have descriptive data.

I don’t know what I would have done different, except maybe make better notes, there is a lot of information given in the first session, (cleaning, changing filters, storing) I did change the batteries while in the office to make sure I could and I was given the user’s guide to refer to.

Good luck!!

Thank you for this advice. I will do this as well. And I apologize to MoreCowbell as the comment I gave above did not help at this stage as the decision has already been made. Please post and let us know how it goes. From what I read you are getting fantastic HA’s there.

Great Information. I will carry a small notepad with me. Sometimes my memory isn’t much better than my hearing. LOL It makes sense that the more data my audiologist gets, the better they can program the HA’s

I will post my progress.

Well, got fitted yesterday with the Exelia’s and so far, so good. While I get the feeling of ear plugs in my ears, it’s really not uncomfortable. Watched a little TV last night (Obama 30 min ad) and had my wife adjust the TV volume. I want to be able to hear at a volume that she finds comfortable. I had to turn up the HA’s a notch to hear Obama’s voice better. Could hear my wife just fine, darn. LOL;)

At work today and going well in our small department. But I haven’t had to ask anyone to repeat themselves. That’s a first and I’ll see if it continues as I interact with others in the buildng. Have a Rotary meeting at noon. I’m anxious to see how that goes. Not a big room with 60 people… should be interesting.

Any more updates on your progress with the Exelias? I get fitted with an Exelia on Wed. - right ear only at this time. I’ll eventually get an aid in the other ear, but I’m waiting on my left ear to heal after cholesteatoma surgery.

This will be my first aid, so any information you can provide on your experiences will be helpful. Thanks.

I’ve had the Exalia’s just over a week and both ears were getting painful due to rubbing of the molded tips in my ears. My audi spoke with Phonak and took new molds of my ears. She also thought the tubes could be a little longer and replaced them with longer ones. She sent the old tips in and marked the areas that were rubbing. In the meantime, she put these little soft domes on the end of the ear tubes. They really are a lot more comfortable. I hardly know they are in there. If the replacement molded tips aren’t any better, I’ll just use these. Any downside to using the domes instead of the molded tips?

I got the low battery sound today from the right HA. Is 9 days average for the Exalias? The audi had told me the batteries last 2-3 weks. but I have been fiddling with them… Maybe that caused more drain.

The batteries in my Exelias consistently last 8 days. I have the ICOM bluetooth active most of the day and in use maybe an hour a day. Don’t use MyPilot much.


Using the domes with my Pure 500 Siemens is really unnoticeable.
I was told to keep them clean with a tissue and keep the ears free of wax, etc. dry excess water after showering is important. Just as much as
remembering to take them out before showering, LOL.
It’s nice to hear the clocks ticking, birds chirping everywhere, even in shopping centres. I found the volume was too high at first setting,and
on the music channel of the remote, had to lower it quickly to avoid the
highpitch feedback till the Audi resets the program on next visit,
Good luck, Doug W , 63 in Melbourne, Australia