Get HAs before move or after

I want to get new HAs at Costco but will be moving about 6 weeks after. Should I wait to get new HAs at my new Costco or ok to get then go to new person for adjustments if needed?

Thanks, and happy holidays.

Assuming there will be a Costco where you are moving do, I see no point in waiting. I believe Costco has all your fitting data centrally located, so there will be no break in service. Just remember to book your follow up appointments when you initially get them, and most of your fitting will likely be done before you move.

Thanks, since these will be my first from Costco I thought continuity with initial fitter might beimportant. I will have Costco before and after move.
Appreciate your help,


Nancydrew, you raise a very valid point! Have you ensured that the Costco where you’re moving TO has a qualified fitter? I feel that over time, we need to develop a good rapport with our audis, so they know our “issues and goals”. I went the non-Costco route, and have been SUPER happy with the audi I’ve seen for about 15 years now. The day he retires … well, I don’t know what I’ll do!

Even so, why put off any hearing correction for 6 weeks? No time is more important to HEAR than the confusion of moving: dealing with movers, utilities, et al you’ll need all your hearing intact so no one drops a ball.

You can always opt to find a good audi in your new location - whether at Costco or wherever.

So. Have you read ALL the books in the Nancy Drew series?!? I have. :slightly_smiling_face:

Me too. Good points. Luckily the desire is an upgrade not a critical hearing issue.