Genuine Phonak Audeo M90-R --- Do you need them too?

This seller is legit. They came in the mail today and I’m using them right now. He adjusted them with my Audiogram before sending them out from South Korea. The manual is in Korean but the User Guide and other resources for the device are available in English on Phonak Pro website.

^^ Can vouch for this seller. Ask me anything and I’ll respond back about this device.

My Audiologist and others were trying to upsell me to 8k to obtain these. I saved a significant amount of money buying through him.

I have pictures of the items you will receive in the box if Interested.

Pm me for the pictures


Wow. Wish I’d seen this before I bought mine! I got a good deal from my audiologist but not this good!

I assume you don’t need help with the Korean since you can probably get the same thing in English, but if you do I’m happy to help.

Once you’ve purchased a set online, are you able to find an audiologist that will service them on a pay per visit basis?

Hi, I just found your link to the Seller in Korea but I guess it’s old. I wonder do you have any info so I can find this seller now? Thanks so much!