Genie2 save and reload?

Getting familiar with Genie2, a very basic question. How do I save current hearing aid settings to my computer for possible later roll back to old settings? If I do adjustments, at save and exit it asks if I want to store those settings to the hearing aids and/or to my computer. If I choose to save to both, how can I later come back and reload an old set?

When you come back and reload it will ask if you want to use the database or the HAs. I forgot the exact syntax??

But you can test it real easy. Just proceed up to the point where it identifies, then reads your HAs.

Choose database or HAs, verify the settings then STOP. Don’t go any further.

Run your test again and choose the opposite, verify the settings then STOP. Don’t go any further.

Get comfortable with this before rewriting over the data in the HAs.

By STOP I mean exit Genie, or use Task Manager to kill Genie, or turn off your computer.

Oh, also I think it will only ask which to use when the database and HAs data are different.

Returning to this old question after I installed Genie2 2018.2. I would like to keep different settings, for example store the audiologist’s settings, make own settings based on curves from audiologist’s measurements, make own settings based on in-situ testing and then some more. So I would have some 5 - 6 different sets of settings.

A) Should I create multiple customers, e.g. Wolverine-Aud, Wolverine-Self, Wolverine-In-Situ etc? Would Genie get confused, as all my multiple personalities would have the same hearing aid serial numbers?
B) Is there some way to export and import the settings and then store these setting files separately?

I am using the FittingLINK 3.0 dongle with a pair of Oticon Opn1s. I am not yet fully comfortable with the Genie2 software, therefore these questions.

Read DIY - Self Programming the Oticon Opn – How To Post#26 and beyond.

You can create multiple fake clients if you like. Seems link overkill because uniquely named session will do the same thing.

When you begin you can start with;

  1. using settings from Hearing instruments
  2. Using settings from the database

When you end you can save the current settings to;

  1. hearing instruments
  2. the database
  3. both
  4. none

That gives you complete control!

Don’t forget to click the client “>” arrows to expand so that you can see multiple sessions.