Genie 2 weirdness

I’ve been buying and programming my own hearing devices for a long time and recently got a pair of Oticon OPN S1-T 312 battery models and began using Genie 2 along with a Noahlink USB wireless.

Initially, no problems occurred and I was able to do an initial fitting successfully. But upon beginning to fine tune the devices, all of a sudden the program only recognizes two left ear devices!

Their firmware is old V7.0 and I’ll need to get some programming strips and cables to update them to version 8 with my Hi-Pro, no doubt, but has anyone else ever had this happen?

I wonder if updating their firmware might solve the failure to recognize the right hearing aid correctly?


I haven’t come across this issue. But have you tried to uninstall and reinstall Genie 2, in case there’s some kind of software corruption going on?

Another thing to try is maybe create a brand new Client ID / profile in case something in your current ID got corrupted, confusing the right HA as a left one.

Another thing to try is maybe just connect one HA at a time, starting with the right HA, to see if it’s recognized as a right or left HA.

I guess the next thing to do is to uninstall Genie since that’s the only step I’ve not taken. I’ll post the results after that. Thanks for touching base on this

Yes! After uninstalling and reinstalling Genie 2, it still only saw two left HAs. Then I finally got a pair of ribbon connectors and cables connected and updated both HAs firmware separately, then reconnected. All is well again .

Thanks for sharing this. I’ll keep this in mind if I ever run into the same issue (update firmware did the trick). It seems like maybe something corrupted in your right HA’s firmware, to the point of fooling Genie 2 to think that it’s the left HA.

But then if one is already on the latest firmware when this happens, it may say that you’re already on the latest firmware and won’t update for you. I wonder if one can force a firmware update even with the same (latest) firmware version???

And, it was odd, after reloading my last fitting data to the hearing aids using the cables, then using a Noahlink wireless, it kept failing to recognize the RH HA. So, I reconnected with cables and reloaded all the data two or three times along with some small changes, no problem. And again used the Noahlink numerous times successively without any hitches. Whew.

I wonder if maybe with wireless programming via the Noahlink, there was some residual corrupted cached data stored somewhere in Genie 2 specific for the wireless interface that got re-used when the Noahlink was hooked up, causing the Noahlink to not recognize the right HA still.

Maybe by using the wired interface a few more times, the cached data saved for the Noahlink got wiped out eventually and now Noahlink uses more fresh data for the right HA and finally was able to recognize it.

Of course this is all conjecture on my part based on your explanation of the behaviors. Maybe the lesson of the day is that it pays to have a wired interface available to help with debugging on top of firmware updating. I have the Oticon Fittinglink 3.0 and there had been a few times when I had trouble with connection to my OPN 1 via the Fittinglink which I resolved by switching over to my miniPro/CS44/flexconnect interface.

Your thoughts on this make sense to me. Thanks for the input with this oddness. All good again now.

This is what I was thinking. Confusion with wireless. Cables straightened this out.