Genie 2 & Noahlink Wireless not connecting to Oticon More Hearing Aids

Hi there, first time user for Genie 2 and Noahlink Wireless and currently unable to connect to my hearing aids, error message attached.

Tried updating the driver and firmware via the Noah website but still not successful, can anyone kindly advise how I may be able to rectify the issue and to connect to my hearing aids?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe you have old version of Genie 2? This window have old style.

Many thanks for the response @Lostdeaf, would you know if there is a way to check for the latest version and update?


That says 2020. There’s been a 2023 update I believe.

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This morning when I booted my Mac (Intel) with Windows 10, it notified me that there was an update to Genie 2. I downloaded and installed 2023.2.1 without issue. I don’t remember for the version you have but for at least the newer versions there is a program to check for updates.

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Run Genie Updater, and you will have last version of Genie.

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Many thanks @biggar and I have noted that you have mentioned “Windows 10” whereas I am running Genie 2 on Windows 11 also on my Intel Mac (via Parallels); just checked the Genie 2 Systems Requirement and the highest it can run is Window 10…I suspect that may be my my issue as to why the Genie Updater might not be playing nice per @Lostdeaf suggestion.

Currently sourcing Windows 10 iso and will try again…

I have had issues with various programs running correctly under Parallels and Vmware so I’ve gone to running Windows 10 using Boot Camp to avoid any issues with the virtualization programs. That seems to work OK for an iMac Pro and a MacBook Pro (16" 2019 i9) for Genie 2 (various versions).

Everything depends on what models you are trying to program,you don’t state which models your trying to connect, but you only need the latest version of Genie for the later models from Oticon, more real.
The Genie updater is located in the system tray, usually once Genie is opened and then closed plus a restart of your PC, you’ll get a pop up informing you of any updates( of course you do need to be connected to the internet tho)

He says Oticon More


Oops, I didn’t read the headline,
So that changes things a bit!
But hopefully he’ll sort his Mac OS to run the updater.

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