Genie 2: Are there background handshakes?



Typically there are two paths. Purchase from an audi and use their services and expertise. Or, buy bare bones and do your own programming. My question: If I purchase the Opn 1 through my audi is there any reason why i cannot use Genie 2 and “tweak” my experience. If there some sort of handshake in the background between the audi’s copy of Genie 2 and the hearing aids such that I would be blocked. I suspect not, but… Given that my hearing acuity is in flux I am reluctant to turn my back on the teaching hospital’s audiology department. This third path, for me, might yield the best results with low risk.



Aside from your Audi getting angry because you changed his/her settings, No.


I’m living proof of buying my OPN from an audi channel and still be able to use the downloaded Genie 2 SW to program what the audi had already done further. And I also reprogrammed the OPN from scratch as well. No problem at all.


Encouraging. The audi is a consummate professional and a dear family friend. I am sensitive to your comment about rice bowls but in this instance I anticipate a collaborative effort. Her efficacy is abetted by my improving my knowledge base.


She will instantly know they have been changed when she hooks them up to her equip if she cares one way or the other…


I thought that maybe if you save her settings up front before you make any changes. Then before you visit her, you’d pull up that original setting and save it back to the hearing aids, then maybe she wouldn’t know. But then I remember that you would have had to save the original setting under your own newly created patient profile and not her patient profile so she may detect the difference through this.


The patient profile is only marked in the database. Once you have saved that to the hearing aids it is no longer marked.

But if logging is turned on (to show how often and how much HA use) and she see’s an abnormally low number of hours that the hearing aids have been used, then that might raise a flag.

Doc Jake (et al) may know more but I suspect he will withhold the details.


Kenny why the wise remarks? Dont come around as much since PVC has monopolized. Once the AuD connects the aids it will instantly say these were not last configured on this system! But, of course I defer to your expertise.


Oh yeah, probably because they run Noah software. Thanks Doc Jake.

But the OP has a good relationship with his Audi so it shouldn’t matter.


I expect that in the same vein as my saying “I think I need to reduce compression…” in a certain bandwidth i should be able to say that I experimented and made these tweaks and this is my reaction. This leads to better, hopefully faster, evolution of my configuration. And, if I am any good we both gain. Her remuneration is not linked to my visits at all. It is a dance I admit, but worth the effort experimentally. It is always the journey after all.


Sign in gas station…
$20 an hour labor
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I use Genie II to tweak my OPN’s at home.

When they are hooked up at the Audi a screen comes up and says that the configuration in the HA is different than what is in the audi’s Gene II database - which one should be used for this session. We always select the one in the HA and save it in the audi’s database.

Same happens at home AFTER the audi has tweaked them.


But what happens if you restore you Audi’s settings prior to visiting your Audi?