Genetic Hearing Loss

I was born with moderate hearing loss and didn’t get hearing aids until I was 35. It was a miracle I made it through college. My hearing loss is genetic. My Grandpa, Dad, Uncles and Aunts, myself and 2 of my 4 children have it. I have heard that there is a condition that is related to kidney problems. May Aunt and 2 cousins have kidney problems. Anybody know about this?

Boy that’s something you’d be better off asking a doctor like an ear nose and throat specialist. For whatever it’s worth I have a genetic loss although no one in my family has any kind of loss. And at 68 although almost deaf now I have not suffered any kidney problems

I agree with the Hass5744 this is a question for your Dr to be answering. Have you spoken to your Dr regarding your concerns about your familial hearing loss? Have you and your children had gene studies done, and other required tests, to confirm that your hearing loss is genetic? It could well be worth your while speaking to your Medico.

Check out BOR syndrome. My mother brother niece and nephew and myself have it

I have experience with genetic crap (I am waiting on results for CMT in May for my mom then they will test me next.) not only that but they are correlated with SMA as well according to her