Generic Hearing Aid Accessories and Devices


They’re probably playing Beiber. Actually, I always thought they were a bit weird, walking along talking into the bottom of their phones. I didn’t know what they were doing.


Well that’s the beauty of that Phonak…really actually hands free. Not having to hold the phone mic up to your mouth…
I’m not sure how many of those folks use HA’s. They could just be plain old bt to little bt earbuds. You can do that with an Android too.


Yeah. Done that once or twice before I got my non-generic intermediate streaming solution. This thread is drifting badly and you North Americans should be asleep I think. Off to pick up my kid from preschool.


Bingo - isn’t that what all the latest so-called “assisted listening devices” are doing?


I still think the basic concept is viable. Anybody not ready to part with their old hearing aids, who also has an old streamer lying around which was bought for their old aids (or which they can pick up used on eBay) can do this.


d_wooluf: Yeah it’s a bit late here on the west coast of NA. I’m retired… wth. Apparently I have a nasty habit of drifting threads. But I’m not sure this is one.

NateS: Yes. But they suck battery. Would you like to have to recharge every few hours or replace batteries like candies or have a rather larger thing hanging off your ear? That’s the total benefit of btle. And those things only connect to one side…thus mono.

NateS again: I don’t know when stereo came in to intermediate devices. But isn’t the holy grail not needing an intermediate device?


Yes of course you are right about the holy grail. I was thinking of something more agnostic to tide us over. :joy:


I come back again to:

Only problem is that it’s not available yet. I’ll do a review if I ever get mine.


There is this: Sound World Solutions Companion Amplifier Reviews


MDB: Yes. I was quite interested in that one after reading someone write glowingly about it. But it’s not stereo. And it seems big. And it would suck battery depending on how long you would use the bt for.


I believe the user said he got about 12 hrs out of the (rechargeable) battery. Yeah, not perfect, but it does have impressive features for such an affordable device.


Indeed. But it’s not like several days that mfi ones get.
That PSAP was found by way of discussing distinct left/right equalization. Which several products seem to offer. But most if not all of those non-hearing-aid devices are rather larger than your standard RIC thing hanging behind ones ear.
But they’re certainly cheaper than dispensed HA’s which is why I’m keeping my eye on them. And for people on the cusp of needing HA’s, they might tide them over if they can live with the larger units.


Just being picky, but I don’t think there are any mfi aids that get several days out of rechargeable batteries, but they probably do better than 12 hours. When you think of all the “in” features that are in demand (streaming to phone, rechargeable battery) it is remarkable that these devices exist. They’re definitely bigger than many people would be happy with.


Sorry if I missed a detail somewhere. I didn’t know we were on rechargeables. They have their own niche. Charge every night kinda thing is what I understand. I think I would rather consume cheap batteries and replace every few days myself.
The PSAP ones yes. Only a few hours or maybe a days wearing worth.


Yeah, I’m not a fan of rechargeables either.


That’s a cool device concept! Do they quote a price and whether it is intended to work with hearing aids or instead of them?


With the so-called “Assisted Listening” devices offering universal bluetooth and hinting now at ability to discriminate volume adjustment by frequency range, the traditional hearing aid companies are going to start losing first-time users in droves to that market. In the alternative, it may finally drive down prices on real hearing aids. AND force them to drop their “proprietary” methods of connecting with phones etc.

Also, are these so-called assisted listening devices actually as huge as they look in the ads? Maybe their vendors enlarge them a lot to show detail, not catching on to the fact that the hearing aid companies’ ads always try to make their products look tiny!

Battery changing is a relative thing depending on lifestyle. If you are out and about all day, it would be a real pain to be changing batteries often. But retirees like myself spend a lot of their time at home, at least when up in years like me. And since my hearing aids are set to be constantly connected to the paired microphone across the room, I change batteries frequently but think little of it because the sheet of Kirkland batteries are on the table next to my chair. I’m just thankful for having a solution to finally being able to hear my SO’s beautiful soft voice as we converse without constantly having to say “What?”


I got a promo discount through Hearing Trackers. Slightly over $100 I think. They’re designed with earbuds in mind. It’s probably more marketed at people who don’t quite need hearing aids yet. I’m sure there’s a cautionary note somewhere that they are not intended as hearing aids. There usually is with those types of devices. I thought the concept was very interesting and worth a punt. It took my mind off the more expensive hearables at least. Release keeps getting pushed back though.

Found current price and release date: SnowOwl - 1st hearable with Clementine Wear Inside | Indiegogo


Surprised no one has mentioned the Bellman Mino PSAP here.
I have been using one for over a year in place of my Rexton Bridge P hearing aids.
Its bulky and doesn’t have internal Bluetooth but it has wide, adjustable manual gain and basic equalization control.
There are several Youtube tutorials and explanations of the device.


Thanks very much for that link!
Very interesting concept at a small cost.