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Moving the discussion about streamers from the Costco CS8 page, as previously requested by management, to avoid thread hijacking,

I’m not clear on what you are trying to stream from or stream to, but if you find it relevant I can tell you that:

  1. for direct mono streaming into my HAs (KS5s) I now plug an audio cord from the sound source into the audio-in port of my spare Resound Unite Microphone Clip (when I am not listening to Karen whose voice is picked up from my other Resound Unite Microphone Clip.)

  2. for stereo streaming of movies or music, I recently purchased an Avantree Low Latency aptX Bluetooth Transmitter which sends high quality lip-sync’d audio wirelessly into my Avantree Clipper Pro plugged into my cushioned headphones worn over my HAs. Experimenting further, I have found that the Clipper Pro can also be plugged into the audio-in port of my spare Resound Unite Microphone Clip so that it streams right into my hearing aids, but of course I am not going to get full, rich sync’d sound that way.

Is that what you had in mind?

Regards, Nate

Hey there you go NateS: First of all pvc is not management.
#1: You specifically mention mono. Were you able to test if it was actually mono like I mentioned before and you seemed interested?
#2: What do you mean full rich sync’d sound? Are your ears picking up sound from the headphones or are your HA mic’s getting the sound from the headphones? Or is it the supposed mono thing?

By “full, rich sync’d sound” I am referring to the fact that when I have the Clipper Pro plugged into my cushioned over-the-ear headphones I am not only getting full rich stereo sound but also the benefits of aptX when watching movies - there is no lag between the onscreen characters’ lips moving and the words coming into my ears as there is with common Bluetooth; whereas when I plug the Clipper Pro into my Resound Unite Microphone Clip I don’t need to wear the headphones because the sound is being delivered right into my hearing aids, but it is mono not stereo and you wouldn’t want to choose this alternative for watching a movie because of the delay in syncing the voices while watching their lips move.

Out of curiosity I have ordered a little stereo>mono adapter from Amazon which I believe will select one of the two stereo inputs and pipe it into both ears but that would only be useful for listening to things like radio news broadcasts etc. where syncing and stereo is not an issue but eliminating wearing the headphones would be a convenience. I will report back on that.

Thanks NateS.
I would still wonder if that line in jack could take a stereo input and send both sides to both ear sides like stereo. You’d need a player that you can control left right balance with to see if the sound moves from one side to the other. Or old earlier 60’s stereo music that often had distinct sounds to the far sides of left and right.

I’ve noticed that (distinct sounds L or R) on a few TV shows streaming through my TV link. It is really funky when they get it wrong from what is on screen while doing the sound editing. It almost seems that they get stage L & R mixed up with screen L & R. (e.g. door slamming shut on the right of the screen comes through on only the left HA)

Considering it does not happen all the time, I think it has to do with the sound editing rather than the HA’s and streaming devices.

Are you sure your HA’s are programmed to the proper sides? :slight_smile:
Apparently it’s been known to happen.
So if your tv has built-in stereo speakers can you move your balance control on your tv and swing the sound from one side to the other? Although that’s assuming your tv link is attached to the tv.

I had this issue come up, unrelated to HAs, when I purchased a low-priced set of lightweight earphones from Amazon and found that I could not find any distinctive markings to determine which was left and which one was right.

When I contacted the vendor to ask how I determined which was which, they casually responded that “it didn’t make any difference - they were interchangeable.” When I pointed out that that would raise the 50/50 possibility, for example, of a movie depicting a train or squad car flying across the screen from left to right while the whistle or siren travelled from right to left, I got no further response.

I suppose you could test them yourself. Take a tune or film you know play it through regular speakers to confirm then through the earphones. There is a Pink Floyd tune that has this type of effect, it is on the album with “Welcome to the machine”. Might even be that tune.

In my University days I had it cranked up and dozed off. Only to awaken thinking something was crashing through my dorm room.

The other option would be if you can control the balance of the feed - simply switch it from L to R and back.

Ah yes music to self-inflict hearing loss for your future. Been there. Here now. :slight_smile:
Dark Side of the Moon has the running guy. And you might be thinking of Time off the same album when all the alarms go off. Yay…yet more hearing loss with the high frequencies. :slight_smile:

Sounds about right. I’ll have to pull the album. It’s been a few years.

Did some reminder reading and was reminded what you are probably talking about. In the same album there is in fact a bit where it sounds like a plane crash and boom. Yeah that would startle you. :slight_smile:
For the left and right thing, I was thinking like early Beatles stereo where distinct sounds were way to each side. It’s almost difficult to listen to with headphones. Playing out on speakers is just the sound coming at you in general.

Time would do it. I did a little listening on YouTube.
I was thinking of right song. Welcome to the machine off the Wish you were here album. It comes in after the first 5 or 6 parts of Shine on you crazy diamond which is a pretty laid back tune. Then bang this loud machine. I remember jumping up from sleep to turn the stereo off, I though I was blowing my speakers or amp up.

Oh man. Memories. I still have those? :slight_smile:
The end of that song where it sounds like you’re coming out of a dream state or something and peeling back a couple layers and then back to reality with the din of a group of people. Wow.

Wow! Thanks for the memories, all you guys! If Pink Floyd contributed to my partial hearing loss, then I don’t feel so bad - it was worth it!

Actually, I discovered Pink Floyd in my mid-30s, during my mid-life crisis. (Well actually it was probably more like mid-life crises, as in the plural. LOL!)

I am now 82 but still play them now and then, and I am particularly partial to the DVD performances live in England - great visuals pretty much filled in anything that was perhaps less than obvious, especially the core of biographical sadness in “Shine On ….”

Take care, all! :slight_smile:


Try that left right stereo thing there with all of your add-ons NateS. I’m still interested to know what you get. Mono in both ears or distinct stereo in both ears.

ok stay tuned. :heart_eyes:

Halfear: Oh yeah. Welcome to the Machine will do. I just had a listen. If it’s stereo then there’s a bass bouncing back and forth from left to right. If you’re not getting the bounce around then it’s mono. I forced my player to output mono and it was just straight down the middle. Pushing balance around runs the sound back and forth as well of course.
So there you go NateS…listen to that song and see if it bounces or just stays in the middle.

I have an old knock-off Beach Boys record that was reproduced so poorly it was truly mono only out one side…not all centered in the middle like most mono. (basically just the same thing copied on left and right to make it seem like it’s coming out the center)

And of course NateS…this is just my curiosity. You have no obligation to do a dang thing on this.

What do you want me to try it on? The first stereo to mono adapter intended to connect my BT receiver to my old Resound Mike Streamer was defective and Amazon is sending me a new one. But if it works I will be getting mono in my hearing aids, right?

I seem to recall that your final connection to the HA’s is that Resound Mic. Correct? I can’t remember if your HA’s are “Made for iPhone”.
I think it has a 3.5mm (1/8") jack. Connect whatever you want to that jack. Could be a big old home stereo that might even have a balance dial. Doesn’t matter. As long as it can cable connect to the Resound Mic jack. Might need RCA jacks out of the stereo. I don’t know what you have. Of course using a stereo 3.5mm cable.
For either the Made for iPhone or another player connected to the Mic you of course need a song on that player that has obvious discrete sounds on either side is what we want for testing. ie. that Pink Floyd song. Or the record or tape or cd of course.

Then you can do the same test with your other additional bluetooth devices. Connect the player to that and then send it off. But they would have to support A2DP.

What started this was wondering whether the Mic jack was stereo which led to well…you can test it.

I’m half expecting it all to come to the HA’s in mono…no bass bouncing left and right. Either from Made for iPhone or from the Mic. But we’ll see. So I’m not wanting it to be mono…I just expect it probably will be. But maybe we’ll get surprised.

Let me know if this makes no sense to you.

If anyone else is reading this then you could do the same test with whatever you’re using ie. Made for iPhone or a factory intermediate device. Not an aftermarket thing that uses telecoil. Telecoil is mono only. For me and my KS7’s that would be the Smart Connect neckloop streamer doodad of which I don’t have.

z, I have no doubt that it will be mono.
See attached.

ReSound Mike Manual Page 2.pdf (69.7 KB)