Gene therapy - Cure on deafness

Hearing Repaired: Gene therapy restores guinea pigs’ hearing …
By turning on a gene that’s normally active only during embryonic development, researchers have restored hearing in deaf guinea pigs.

Any idea when will be the first human trial?

Yeah. Excuse my pessimism. How long will this take to be made available to the general public? 10-20 years before its available?

Interesting articles.

Obviously, human trials are a long way away. They have not even got onto primates yet.

The other issue is they are saying that this treatment can restore cochlea hair cells that have recently been damaged. In the guinea pig experiment they made a poor little guinea pig deaf with drugs, and then used this gene therapy to make little fluffy hear again.

But the doctor interviewed on NPR stated that he was unsure if the treatment would be much use in a typical nerve deafness. He stated that losses that occur over many years (which is one of the most common kinds of loss) would be a lot harder to treat, since the nerves going from the cochlea to the brain would have broken down too.

So I’d be a little skeptical about curing all kinds of deafness with this technique.

what they do exactly? I could not find detailed explanations for these techniques.

is there anyone knowing much more detailed? how gene therapy works? is it so hard to proceed to human phase? and will HA manufacturer companies allow for such a proceed, I do not think so, you could not demolish this market…