Futurecasting AI in Noise Reduction Hearing Aids

NVIDIA, a computer graphics card manufacturer released software that uses their top line graphics card AI processing unit to cancel out noise in realtime during audio recordings or broadcasts. Check out this video (YouTube) and within the first few seconds you’ll see the guy clap his hands loudly and you can’t hear it.

What’s your prediction on when this tech will be implemented in hearing aids, because we all know this will change our lives dramatically, being able to social better in noisy environments.

in ways it is already showing up in hearing aids. The Starkey AI aids, and I believe also in the Windex aids you have it to a degree. Oticon doesn’t use AI but its aids do much the same when correctly adjusted.

I think this is the same thing.

Heheh … I think NVIDIA’s bit-bashing ability would be nearly impossible to scale down to a hearing aid, but a guy can dream! My AI wishlist would include noise reduction, intelligent frequency remapping, and something that would automatically mute my mother in law.