Future Phonak aids

As a life long Phonak wearer I am currently loving my phonak B90’s 312T’s

Does any one know when they might be succeeded by a new line, I know there is the direct and rechargeable but they are still basically the same technology.


I think the word is that Phonak is bringing out something in late october, which will be first shown at the european hearing aid conference - EUHA 2018 in Hannover.

The rumour is that it will have direct connectivity to both aids, probably for android and iPhone I think.

Looking at Phonak’s development cycle I would speculate that a new platform could be due. But that’s only my speculation!


An updated BT protocol has just, or will soon, come out. It will benefit the use of BT and HA.

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The new line uses Sonova’s (Phonak parent company) new SWORD chip that supports direct Bluetooth support for both IPhone and Android phones. It was introduced in their Audeo B-Direct and Brio 3 R-C (from Costco). I have a pair and they are a definite improvement over my Brio 2s. Google Phonak Sword. To give you an idea of the level of advancement, my three year old Brio 2’s contained 16M transistors and the new Brio 3’s 42M. That translates into better response and more features.