Funny how you don't see posts regarding Starkey


when fifteen - twenty years ago Starkey was a “Major” selling brand with solid reputation. Class action lawsuits, CEO taken to court and the “fact” Starkey was using using defective/used parts to build/repair HA’s will scare anyone off. My first HA’s were Starkey and they were solid in 1980’s - 1990’s but the company was late to the “Digital Hearing Aid” transformation and then the CEO fiasco. RIP



I had Starkey CICs They were useless in noise even with a comfort setting. Didn’t like the hard molds/shell either. ALTHOUGH, I had a soft mold made for my Shure in ear monitors and they are ten years on and still like new and not discolored.
That stuff they get right!



Back in the 80s President Reagan wore Starkey aids, that gave them a big boost.



What about their Livio AI, also hardly any post about that. How come?



According to this link from another part of this site, Starkey has about 8% of the market, and is the highest priced brand on the market…



Before I wore hearing aids, I always had a mental picture in mind, for reasons I cannot now explain, that somehow “Starkey” was an “old man’s” brand. I had a very negative attitude toward Starkey, which I cannot now explain. The name just gave me a mental picture of big conspicuous hearing aids, in a very artificial so-called “flesh color” with caked-on earwax. When I started wearing hearing aids out of necessity about 10-12 years ago, I don’t even remember hearing or reading about Starkey as an available brand. They may have made excellent hearing aids, but now I will never know.



I have Starkey HAs. I have no problem with them, then again it is my first set of HAs so I have never tried other brands.

Mine are the Livio 2400s (no ai). I do not have a beloved COSTCO near me so I cannot drink the Kool-Aid and get K8s and fall in lockstep with about 75% of all posters to this site.

I guess I am a Rebel and I plan to stay that way.



I met a guy from a church and told me that his brother is partly deaf and works for the state of Florida doing computer work. He just got a pair of Starkey hearimg aids with streamer devices. His insurance provider paid for 8 grand for the starkey aids, streamer, remote and services.
The most powerful Phonak Naida B UP 90 is 5 grand a pair including services. I think his insurance provider was overpaid by 2 grand plus.



I have Starkeys too. Muse, can’t recall the actual model. I’ve tried a few other brands and I like these for the general fidelity they offer. They don’t sound like listening to something through a microphone. They sound pretty natural to me. I also like the 900MHz wireless (also probably soon to go RIP). The range is soooo much better than 2.4GHz.

Next time around I may experiment with Resound or Phonak. Depends on if I can get the programming tools for those or not.