Full-spectrum hearing aids?

Hi Folks

I’m a musician with reverse-slope hearing loss: moderate-to-severe in the lows, mild in the highs. As a person who spends his life working in sound, I’m extremely fussy about sound quality. I got a CIC for my right ear, and while it’s an improvement in the mids, like most hearing aids its maximum HF range is about 6KHz… fine for speech, useless for music/sound where there’s important information coming in at 8, 10 or even 12KHz. Does anyone make a full-spectrum hearing aid? Does anyone make one that goes down below 250 Hz as well? Any hard-of-hearing audiophiles out there who can help me?

I think you may find it hard to get what you are looking for. Almost all hearing aids out there are geared towards speech. That’s what the research dollars are spent on. But if you find something be sure to post on here, I’d certainly be interested to hear about it from an audiophile point of view.

true, i would say speech in noise is #1 complain…

The other factor apart from geared to speech (which is not so true today with 10khz bandwidth aids) is that there are no real norms (apart from individual baselines) for normal hearing above 10Khz (as far as I’m aware). Most people start losing their hearing in these high frequencies from about the age of 21 and some people have essentially no hearing in those very high frequencies. The other issue may relate to the high frequency wave lenghts and ear canal resonance as well as the size of the receiver limiting the frequency output (again not entirely sure). Would love to hear if anyone else knows more.

again, right. the extendent bandwith- relates to an improve sense of orientation. its been said that it also provides a natural sound, One thing I had ask to a HI manf is that as far as gain what gain do you input if for example Noah does not allow to input hearing loss more than 8,000 hz? I never really got an straight answer… any thoughts?

other than Widex, oticon and Phonak who has a 10,000hz bandwith

Phonak allows adjustment to 10Khz but only really amplifies to 7.2Khz (with much more gain flexibility in the 2- 6Khz range than Epoq). The Epoq’s bandwidth is actually only 8Khz - 9KHz as measured on 2cc coupler. The gain above that is only visible on Kemar and seemed to be quite little (if I remember correctly) gain response up to 10KHZ, so little gain and this gain is not fitter adjustable as far as I can see (In an area where a person with high frequency hearing loss is likely to have even less hearing than at the audiometrically measured frequencies.

I am not sure of the passion’s specs at all.

I am unaware of other devices with 10Khz (which is not always 10KHz) frequency response range.

I am a musician as well. Before my hearing changed to a profound loss I had a moderate-severe loss in both ears. I was using Phonak Savia Arts and like you I was having a hard time with the high frequencies, so much so that I could no longer sing in the soprano range because my aids would just cut out eventually. My audie and I spent a really long time fiddling with the programming. Eventually she asked me if she could speak with one of her collegues about my problems with music. I also spoke with this other audie and told her in detail what was happening. She looked at the programming and at my audiograms and made some suggestions for some changes to my music program which helped A LOT. This other audie used to be a sound engineer so she really understood the music aspect of it. I guess what I am trying to say try and find an audie that understand music and the needs of musicians and see if they can make some programming changes. I don’t know how much you can do with a CIC though, I have only ever worn BTEs.

Good luck! If you want to talk more in detail about music and HA’s feel free to PM me, I might be able to give you some more advice if I know a bit more!