Full face helmets


I wear a full face helmet and I wear hearing aids. I am looking for a Bluetooth helmet that I can wear while I have my hearing aids in. I know people say don’t wear hearing aids while riding but I think that is more for open face helmets wear the ear is exposed to the wind noice. A full face blocks out most noise. But I can’t seem to find one that I can get on and wear comfortably.

If I take my hearing aids out I can not hear the Bluetooth. Ideas?



If you’re moving at any speed, helmets are noisy. I use Quiet Rider muffs. They make a full face with them already installed. http://www.quietridehelmets.com/ Knocking the aids off when removing a full face is likely to be an issue. I can get mine on and off Ok with RIC aids, but haven’t tried riding with them. Not much point really, but I may try it tomorrow just for fun. My helmet is modular so I can stretch it a bit when putting on and off.



I ride a Vespa GTS300, which has a top speed of around 80. But I ride most of the time around 50 mph due to where I ride. I wear a half shell helmet and I do wear my ITE hearing aids. But I have a program that my Audi set up for me that mutes my aids will I am riding. Lately I have been looking for a full face helmet that is easy to put on over my aids. And I believe that a modular helmet is the way I will be going.