Frustrating experience at vet clinic

Yes, he is a rescue from a mid-west US breeder that didn’t care for the breed or for the dogs themselves. His line wasn’t well maintained. He has a roachback, and we never thought it would be a problem but it might be behind some hind-leg weakness. The tests came back inconclusive. I didn’t know we’d need a urine specimen from home (no stress) vs at the hospital where he was a little freaked out. Stress would increase the cortisol in the urine, so it wasn’t a good test for Cushing’s. There is also an elevated kidney marker and a liver marker. So the vet wants to do some x-rays and etc. He’s happy. As long as he’s happy and comfortable we’ll keep on keeping on.



Best wishes. I actually removed my aids when I took Willow in to the vet for her final send off. I know the procedure all to well as a life long pet owner. I knew the day was coming and knew I would be a mess and figured I don’t need to hear, just need to be there for her. She had uncanny hearing and I called her my sometime hearing-ear-dog. I would be in the yard and my neighbors would say HI and I wouldn’t hear them, but Willow would start wagging her tail and get me to look.

I am so sorry :cry:.You will always remember the good times. It’s always been hard for me when we can’t see the pain an animal endures because they can’t talk.

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So sorry to hear you lost your beautiful dog. Losing a beloved pet is the worst!



My take…7 dog years per 1 human year

So…they love 7 times as much! And when things are good, they are 7 times as good. But when health goes, it goes 7 times as fast.
Winston, Bentley, Quin, Sir Charlot, Morgan. RIP.


ps Thank heavens for Rainbow Bridge!