Puppies are nice - but I bet you wouldn’t want one to adjust your hearing aids!

The key is to find an audi who listens AND knows what they are doing AND that you get along with. Coming from someone who has worn hearing aids since I was 2, this is hard. I spend 16 years looking and have finally found an AWESOME audi. The search may be long and hard, but you will be glad you put in the effort at the end. I promise.

I understand your frustration with all of the adjustments. With my last aids (Phonak Savia Arts) my audi and I did 11 adjustments in total. In the end the aids stopped working for me because my hearing changed. This could have been part of the reason that we did so many adjustments without improvment. I would do another audiogram if I were you, just to be sure. Neither my audi or I thought that my hearing had changed until I noticed a sudden drop after probably close to 5 months of a moderatly paced prossive loss. We both just though I was having a hard time adjusting to the new aids. Though now when we look back we both see the signs that my hearing was getting worse. To bad we hadn’t noticed sooner. Anyway, re-test. If things are the same - find a new audi. If things are different, and you want to stay with this guy give it one more go - only if he will do REM though!

Also, if you are a Windows user there is a graphic equalizer in Windows Media Player under Tools.

Oh my God are you telling my story. I too am trying an aid and have had four adjustments so far. I am trying the Unitron Yuu Moxi. I had previously tried the Siemans Centra Life but was unable to get enough volume. After posting here and having someone recommend an REM I asked my audi who responded that he did not find them reliable with digital aids and that he relies on what I tell him. That’s just great because like someone already said it is very subjective. I have had tried three different sized domes and each one presented its own problem. Last Sat. he gave me the largest one made and it had no vent in it so it was like having a CIC aid in my ear it felt plugged up. I did however get the volume I needed, but that was all I got. I can’t use it on the phone as I actually hear better without it. This aid comes with a remote but who can keep switching a remote on and off at work every time you answer the phone. I am so frustrated I am ready to ditch the aids and go without. When I go back this week I am going to insist he have ear buds made as someone on this forum suggested. but my time is running on the trial period and I honestly don’t know if I should try another aid or keep going with this one. This is a big investment and for the money I am paying I want to get the fit that is going to work in all environments. The remote has a channel to lower background noise, but when it does that the voice level goes down with it. Anyone with any suggestions???

justlou2u: I wish you all the success in getting your HA adjusted. You know you start out with all of this excitement that HA are going to bring you back into the realm of things with others in the world…then the first couple of encounters where you still can not hear and have to ask, and ask again, I am thinking…uh-oh. Adjust, ok this is going to be it…adjust…adjust…I am out of the state of uphoria at this point…

It sounds like your Audi possibly does not know how to do REM on digital technology or does not have the equipment. There has been many articles released since digital hearing aids have been available regarding performing REM on them and they are a very reliable starting point for finetuning. Basically you set the aid up on REM and then finetune according to client’s preferences if needed. He might be referring to doing REM on open fit hearing aids, which I initially found hard, but even this is easily possible these days.

Custom ear tips would help, but REM is a important missing factor. As far as the trail period is concerned ask for an extension from your audi - which the manufacturers are generally happy to provide.

How do you use the phone? On the ear as normal or do you hold the receiver up to the hearing aids’s microphone? The Yuu also has an autophone capability that can be set either to t-coil (for fixed line phones) or acoustic phone (for cordless/mobile phones). This is automatically triggered throught the use of the supplied magnets - attached to the ear piece of the phone (which should be in the packaging). It will only work if the audi has enabled it.

It really sounds as if these aids have not been set properly for your needs or hearing loss.

Good luck

Thanks to this forum when I went to my audi today to discuss which aid to fit, I asked the question, “Do you use REM?” His answer, “I would never try to fit an aid without it. The fitting program is too unreliable and has to be checked with REM.” And, it is going to be open fit.

Ok, I have called all of the audiologist in my area and NONE of them do REM. One said when they send the information to the manufacturer that is when REM is none…I questioned her about this - OMG. The second said the only did a functional gain tes (go in booth and test tones you hear), and the third one said REM is only the volume of the ear and we can do a mold to test for this…The others I know do not have experience with them!!! I am at a loss…at how others are correctly getting fitted. I am feeling like a black sheep here.


You are giving me more info than the audi and I am thinking I need to go to someone else. I have Hear PO as part of my insurance and have to call them to see how I go about switching. I do not believe he has the equipment to do REM and he also has never fitted this particular Yuu HA before and doesn’t seem to know enough about how it works. When he first gave it to me he handed me everything after adjusting aids and sent me on my way without programming the remote. So the first week the remote was useless.

As for the telephone I hold the receiver to my ear like a normal hearing person would. Siince my HA is an open fit BTE with the mike in the canal I assumed that was how it would work best. I think I remember seeking a magnet in the packaging but again it was never explained to me what it was for. When I get home tongith I will pull out everything and see what is there. I paid 2400 for each Yuu moxi through HearPO - is this a discounted price or would I be able to get it from a nonparticipating Hear PO audi at that price. Again, I really really appreciate the feedback as this is a lot of money to spend and I want to get the best fit possible or they will be useless to me.:slight_smile:

:smiley: Called my Audi today… For those keeping up…I had ask to trial the Vigo Pro with him balking at this. When I called I said, I would like to know what you are suggesting now as nothing in the past is working and that he could not do REM, and he is not trying a different dome on. He said he thinks I should try Vigo Pro, and with the Vigo he could do REM…HA! Whatever, but I feel progress is being made.