I received my Delta 6000’s this past Tuesday. I have had them adjusted 5-6 times, having to drive 11/2 hours to do so. My audiologist is really trying…gotta love him. He adjust one thing and the other is out and back and forth…I love the feel of them - they do not hurt my ears. That was my problem years ago when I had cic and I quit wearing them and have not worn HA for about 10 years. However, it is definitely to a point that I need them. BUT, everything seems loud and nasal - I just do not have the clarity with some voices. I still have to LOOK at that person to fully understand. I can hear better without my HA on the phone at times than with them. I do not know whether to keep adjusting or whether to see if another aid is going to be better. What is the NEW VIGO technology, and would it be better for me? My audi just fits Oticon - or that is all they have been fitting the last few years even though they could get others. I do not know what “others” there are. I just need some other opinions. My Audi is very open to my suggestions, but insist that these are the aids for me. I am afraid this will continue and then my trial (30 days) are going to be up and we still do not have a solution.:confused:

Hey there,

Your audi isn’t you. Therefore your audi can’t insist that Delta 6000’s are the aids for you. 'nough said.

If you want to keep trying with them see if you can extend your trial period. If they are just not working, try something else. That would be my advice!

Advice, as I have already tested them…
Vigo pro would outperform delta 6000, and they should be cheaper or at least at par… To begin with it has an auto T (which delta does), it could learn from VC (which delta doesnt have), it has a# 312 batery…

So get them, would like them … if the money is tight get the regular vigo… but for the extra buck you get… more

quick question about the Oticon Vigo/Vigo Pro…at what level of hearing loss does this HA work for? mild? moderate? severe?

What is auto T and VC? What is the pricing, as I have not seen the price on new units? Thanks.

Called my audi today and told him I did not think the Delta 6000’s were working for me as we have adjusted them numerous times. He agreed about the adjusting. I told him I would like to try the Vigo Pro’s. He said to wait as he thinks I need another hearing test…on Friday. UGH!

I would prefer, a vigo over a delta anyday (delta needs a makeover) (my 2 main complains are batery 10 and no telecoil)

the auto telecoil- the instrument switches to the telecoil automatic (this is no innovation almost all manuf. have something like this )

the VC I refer to the volume control, which is a volume control for the instrument and if you get a vigo pro, you can train the instrument.
meaning if the instruments senses that you turn the instrument up in quiet enviorments for example it will learn…

this is not something new. It is a feature found in most high end instruments…

But I must admit, the Azure+dot enviromental optimizer (GN) gives you the ability to decrease the volume in up to 7 types of enviroment…

It is simply way cool

I am still frustrated…now I have all this high eeee noises, still cannot hear the voices on tv - but boy is everything else loud…and same in other situations too. I did have my daughter with me today who has a very soft voice. He tried using her as an example to adjust my aids. He keeps asking me are you referring to soft or loud…ugh…BOTH! My husbands voice is lower (naturally) than daughters but I have a very hard time hearing/understanding him at times and then my daughter has a softer higher pitch voice that is hard to understand. I think we have adjusted these delta 6000’s so much now that they are all screwed up. I did not have any feedback, now if I turn my head they are sqeeling…and touching the ear by microphone is a shrill to be hold. I ask him about what adjusting he was doing and he said he just adjusted decibels - soft and loud. HELP!!! What do I need to ask for??:eek:

i would say, he need to do 2 things…

  1. check the feedback manager
  2. Ask him to perform a real ear mesurement

Honestly, If he is not willing to show you what he is doing, if he is not confortable then maybe you ought to find someone who is willing to get
you involve in the fitting process…

As a client you have the right to know what is happening…

I would strongly suggest to ditch the delta and either get a vigo /vigo pro or epoq…

If you did get help from another dispense who is willing to do all the work
but say decides to dispense HI abc, I would say get HI abc…


He is a very nice guy. We have adjusted approx. 8 times now. He just thinks we need to retest - doing another audiogram. …but did not have time today so just did some more adjustments. REM…he says oh we dont need that. I ask about a different tip (dome) and he acts like he doesnt know what I am talking about or changes the subject everytime. He just hooks the aids up to the software while we sit in front of the computer, I put them on and he starts adjusting based upon whether I feel it needs to be softer or louder??? However, he has a very loud and bolsterous voice that is easily heard…and there is nothing really to compare it to. That is so confusing to me. He now says we are quite aways from where we started and WOW that is right.

My test were done by someone else for my nose/throut/ear doctor. I did not like that they were adamant about what I had to wear and they were going to charge me around $10,000. for them…Doctor said go elsewhere and that is what I did. I then took my audiogram to the current Audi. They have been in business a very long time, so thought they were experienced at fitting…

I ask my Audi today about the Vigo Pro and whether he had anyone else try them - he said no. I said I would like to and he ditched the idea. I hate to have to switch to another audi…but I WANT TO HEAR clearly not just hear all the music and other junk in background of TV and elsewhere!!!

Remember…who is working for who here ?
Your Audi…and while its frustrating to have to start a new relationship, can you honestly say that the one your currently in is worth keeping if he/she is not listening to you ?

Mine is fantastic, and item i wanted to try, even if is was not in, she ordered and has allowed me to try…no money out of pocket. Which is why I do not mind paying a bit more purchasing through the Audi vs. internet…she has earned it and my loyalty.

REM is mandatory, some part in the world REM is even require by Law,
Example Brazil. You need to validate each fitting …

Now as an added bonus, you can check audibility (which seems to be your problem). Basically your audi would insert a probe microfone with a machine and he will measure what you are getting @ eardrum level…

He can present several tones, a soft tone, a medium tone and a loud tone
and you could see if this signals are audible to you…

Advice, No rem NO sale…

No REM?? Waste of your time going back to him. Call around and make sure your fitter uses it.

Okay, this guy might be nice, but it doesn’t sound like he is listening to you. You need someone who will take your preferences and wants into account, not just do what they want. I recommend you find someone who will deal with you better.

I am going to ask 1 more time to have REM done. Will also ask about the Feedback manager. If he does not respond, I am gone. Thanks, everyone. I am going to search for a pediatric audi who serves adults too. It sounds like they are on top of their game.

generalizations are bad, but I have not met a single Pediatric audi who do not do rem or RECD (equivalent), The flip side is selling aids to kids is different from adults- so be patient…

As a HI prof. I hope my clients choose me not because Im nice but because Im competent right?

I read you loud and clear.

My fear is…what if it is me not clearly expressing how things sound to him…I know I am trying, but HE is going to have to do a REM. That only makes sense, and I would think would take alot of the guess work out of where we have already been in this adjusting phase.


Hi - I’m new to this forum, but not to hearing aid problems, and sympathise with Khenkels, having exactly the same problems. After 6 years and 4 sets of aids, countless adjustments, am now on my 4th week of latest aids (RIC = Receiver in canal) - previously used BTE.

One thing is clear to me and that is digital aids are not what it they are cracked up to be by the manufacturers. They may be a step ahead in technology beyond the old analogue types but - and here I have to emphasise what most hearing-impaired already know - your hearing is VERY subjective. It is most difficult to describe to others, even to an audiologist. Digital sound is much more metallic than natural (analogue) sound, and is often over-compensated for hearing loss in the higher frequencies, increasing the metallic effect.

My advice is don’t be pressured to accept any aid or setting with which you are not comfortable if you feel that (in the case of sound quality) further adjustment(s) might help. In this respect may I suggest a bit of DIY self-help?

If you have a hi-fi system or a digital TV, either of which having a graphics-equaliser adjustment for tuning sound to individual needs, you should find this of useful guidance. With your hearing aids on, listen to a program with conversation/discussion/different voices. Gradually adjust the graphics equaliser (usually with 5 or 6 marked frequency bands of something like 200H; 500H; 1000 or 1500H; 5000H; 10000H). The H stands for Hertz which is a measure of frequency. Hearing loss tends to be in the upper ranges 1000H upwards.

If you find that your understanding of voices improves with changes to your settings, make a note of the frequencies you changed for the better, whether UP or DOWN and by how much (one click, two clicks etc).

This won’t necessarily solve your problem but it will give YOU and the audiologist a much better idea of whereabouts in your hearing range your problem lies, and will help the audiologist to narrow his/her area of adjustments to better suit you.

Ideally, if you have the means (graphics equalizer), try different voices, male, female, and see if you can arrive at a compromise setting to suit most.

When I took photos of the TV settings I had found necessary to adjust to understand the voices I was listening to, my audiologist was quite impressed - but I’m still in the throes of further adjustment!

Hope this is some help.


I am glad that it is not only me that is having this problem. I don’t have what you are referring to but it made alot of since and wish I did. I was unable to contact my AUDI today but I will tommorrow. I am going to as for REM or find someone that can. I WANT TO HEAR!