From Widex Inteo/Super to Unique/Beyond


I have a severe hearing loss, the worst part is around -105-110 db, but with my strong hearingaids I barely notice my hearing loss. I had Widex P38, Inteo and now Super since a couple of years back.
Also a Apple fanboy, and really tempted to have Widex Beyond. Yes, I have already tried these, but as far as I am concerned, I didn’t hear all the tiny/small sounds (but conversations/speach) is almost equal to Super.

My question to you all is, which hearing aid should I choose, Unique or Beyond? Or is there any other hearing aid brand that is close to Widex? Or does someone know if Widex is releasing a pair of h.a. with the same sound spectra as Widex Super, but with made for iPhone-compatibility?

The Beyond is the same as the Unique, but the Beyond has iphone connectivity. I really don’t know anything about the Super, but I can say the Beyond for me has been one of the best hearing aids I have ever worn.

As far as I know the only hearing aid that is available that is made for profound hearing losses (like your Widex Super) AND has direct bluetooth streaming to iPhone is the Resound Enzo 2. I think there may be a newer model called the Resound Enzo 3D, but am not completely sure.

go with the latest model, unless you get a very good deal with the previous one, they might have changed some software you don’t get with the older one, they always update their formula with new algorythms and you don’t get those updates for the old ones, make sure to test and check on that.

every RIC can be fitted with a 105dB Power Receiver, so you don’t need the tube version unless your ear canal is to small to fit the receiver comfortably.

slightly better IP rating with the beyond as well as iphone connectivity / app and firmware updates delivered through the app itself. Beyond would be my recommendation over Unique

A few years ago l got the Super 440 BTE’s with a RIC version. I have a profound hearing loss with tinnitus issues. I used these aids only the first year and it wasnt powerful enough for my hearing. After many program changes, the aids were set at max power.
I didnt use it the second year and went back to my older starkey aids which had more power of 80 dB gain. These widex aids were in the low 70s dB gain. I sold the aids. Today, most powerful aids are the Phonak Naida Q series. They came out with the newer V 30, V50, V70, V90 models. The higher numbers have more technologies.The Phonak Naida Q or V goes up to 82 dB. It has the extra power l might need a few years later, depending on the age related hearing loss.

pretty sure you simply had a low end receiver, like I said they all have 105dB variants and can be simply exchanged…

I had a Inteo IN—19 BTE and now a Super 440 BTE

The super power BTEs have even more power (fitting ranges go up to 120 dB) They use 675 batteries to accompish this and have decent battery life. I don’t think this kind of gain is available in a RIC.

The Starkey has a RIC aid with peak 70 dB gain/130 dB. The widex Super Power 440 RIC was peak gain of 73 dB and weren’t powerful enough for my hearing loss. The widex aids was the high end with stronger output receiver in the ear mold. I needed minimum of 80 dB gain output ( or HFA gain of 72 dB). By now, hearing aid RIC should have a HFA gain of 72 dB.
Phonak Naida BTEs V30 to V90 are HFA 74 dB gain.

not sure what you’re talking about. you might refer to acoustic gain, which is used in the datasheets to measure the amount of distortion after the source has been processed and amplified.

Or are you saying that those HAs can’t amplify 50dB above that 74dB? Not sure about that, in my fitting software the 50dB curve goes more than 33dB+ without causing problems…

edit: Full on gain is the HA with the Volume control at maximum LVL, that’s not the maximum amplification possible at 50dB… you can still set the base way higher in the fitting software. Can you explain what you mean?

Full on gains simply means that you can increase a 50dB sounds to that lvl, if only the volume wheel of your aids are being used…

Sound pressure wise they go above 130 dB for the most part.

if that’s not enough you should go with CIs.

I will not go for CI. Even thru my hearing is very profound, l visited an audiologist and she agreed that the Phonak Naida Q70 or Q90 is the most powerful aid available at the time of visit. Phonak V90 aids are the better choice. I have tested the Starkey and Phonak aids and they are great in removing wind noise for example. Only if l am totally deaf and hearing aids can no longer help,then the CI is the last option. I have all the data sheets for the newer phonak aids. I use the HFA gain, peak gain output and maximum sound pressure as reference comparison.

still not sure how the HFA gain is mandatory for you, it only seems to tell how far your range on volume control and distortion is. output pressure seems to be roughly the same on all new power versions… that should be the primary indicator, no?

Why don’t you go with the Phonak Naida V UPs as the V UP has more gain in the high frequencies compared to the Phonak Naida Q UPs?

The Phonak Naida V70 or V90, either is the better choice. The differences between the V70 and V90 is three technologies. On the V90, there is speech in wind option and it blocks out wind noise better when l am talking to a person outdoors and hear that person’s speech. I know that the V70 and V90 has the Windblock but not sure how much improvement is the speech in wind over the WindBlock.

Here’s a link to an article that discusses super power hearing aids for profound losses. These are for people who a 105 receiver or BTE are not adequate. Since the article, Resound does have a newer version. It is the only one currently that has made for iphone capabilities. 5 Best Hearing Aids for Profound Hearing Loss in 2018 - Everyday Hearing

I looked at the Resounds too but l prefer the Phonak V70 or V90 because l can add or subtract a program without having to go to the same audiologist over and over again in a short time. I have the icube ll and the programming software for it. I dont need aids designed for the iPhone. I am a android phone user and dislike apple products. The Resound Enzo and the Phonak Nadia UP have the same HFA gain. The Phonak are more reliable than the Resounds. I have heard of local audiologists having issues with the Resound SmartFit software.