From Oticon Opn S 1 BTE PP to Oticon More or Phonak P90?

Hey all … so I have two Oticon OPN S1 PP BTE with ear moulds. Loss is profound.

I have had these for nearly two years and I do like them. Previous to these I have always used Health Service aids, thinking that these were as good as any private models. I was surprised at how much better the OPN S1 was on the Health Service provided aids.

Along with normal day to day conversation, my main usage is connecting to Roger Pen. I have two pens, one to my computer and one to my TV. I do a lot of zoom work on computer. I use neck loops at computer and at TV. Other usage is horse riding instruction where instructor wears pen and I use loop. I have had problems with the new NeckLoop from Phonak and have 4 out of 5 failing while either on horse riding lesson or cycling - I’m guessing down to moisture absorption. However, I have been using MyLinks in the same scenario for years without problem. (The MyLinks eventually gave out due to wear and tear 5 + years)

This prompted me to look for any better solution to my current model, preferably losing the neck loops also.

Phonak has the new Roger On iN which streams directly to the aids if they are Paradise or Marvel. I have asked my audi to set up a trial for the Paradise P90s. However, looking further, I’m now not sure if I need the Paradise P90 or the Naida Paradise? I’m not entirely sure what the differences is. I’m not looking at rechargeable at this stage.

Also, I understand the MORE has replaced the OPN S but I’m not sure which is the direct replacement for my OPN S1 PP. What is the main difference that might be noticed going from OPN S1 PP to MORE?

The other option I really like is the connection of my current S1’s to my iPhone. I use this on calls all the time, hands free and caller is coming right through to my ears. Works great.

So my concern is that reading some posts the Phonak I’m not sure works as good with the iPhone on calls but I may be misreading it.

I know I can get a Roger receiver to connect to an EduMic for the Oticons. However, I would like to avoid that as its a bit too much of a ‘chain’.

So the options I’m currently looking at are Phonak either Paradise P90 or Naida Paradise with direct link to Roger On iN. Or, the Oticon More if they will give me more than what I already have with the OPN S1 - however, I’m still then left with how to get the best connection to the Roger Pen’s.

I would be glad for any pointers or suggestions - I fully accept that all aids are individual to everyone and so there is no blanket answers.

Thanks in advance.

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The Phonak Paradise Naida UP P90 is one aid. The P90 stands for Paradise level 90 hearing aid. They come in level 90, 70, 50 and 30. 90 being the top most expensive aid. This UP ultra power aid only comes with the 675 battery, no rechargeable battery available.

Oticon may be coming out with a new Ultra Power aid soon. Their Exceed Ultra Power is older technology like the S1 I believe.

Ah ok … got it.

That clears that one up then.

I don’t know if I need the actual UP aids … as the OPN S1 I have is PP. My understanding is that is not the UP equivalent. I think my loss is actually severe to profound. The S1 PP I have works great, there are a few volume levels up that I don’t use.

I think the Oticon More PP equivalent of the Oticon OPN S PP BTE is slated to come out toward the end of this year.

I think the UP equivalent for the Oticon brand is probably the Xceed.

Just be aware that you won’t be able to use the Bluetooth on the Roger Pen’s if you do go with the Phonak Paradise Aids, that is, if you actually use the Bluetooth already.


What does PP stand for. I think UP is ultra power?

Power Plus I believe.

@zebras I was not aware I could use Bluetooth to connect to the Roger Pens with my OPN S1s? Currently I have a pen in the docking station which is connected to the computer via Jack plug. I pair the pen to my neck loop and thus use Tcoil to the aids. (The same setup with my tv - thus two pens and two neck loops for convenience)

However, the pens are 5+ years old.

My intention was to get the new Roger On iN to connect to the Phonak Paradise P90 if I went down the Phonak route. However, I like the Oticons S1’s and they work well for me. Thus it then comes down to the difference between OPN S1’s and the MORE equivalent which is the MORE PP though that is not out yet according to @volusiano.

Essentially the only reason I am considering Phonak Paradise is the direct linking to the Roger On (pen replacement), which I use a lot.

I don’t even know if I would notice any difference between the Phonak Paradise and my Oticon OPN S1s with my level of hearing loss. I will definitely try to get a months trial of the Paradise’s.

Thanks. So Power Plus is one level down from Ultra Power - in my simple way of looking at things?

I think they are classed as P level so in terms of Phonak, it goes Micro, M, P, SP and UP, that’s in terms of BTE aids. I’m not sure about power of receivers in the Phonak Audeo model.

No you can’t.

The Roger Pen’s have Bluetooth in them so there’s a hand free way of taking calls on a cell or using video calls on a laptop/computer.

The Bluetooth stops the Paradise aids from working correctly if the Bluetooth is turned on but if ya getting the Roger On, then that is fine as the On doesn’t contain Bluetooth.

Actually there’s not much difference.


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Ok. So I need to be a bit clearer here.

The Roger ON does not have Bluetooth? How does it transmit to the aids? My understanding is that the Roger On has two receivers that are a software transfer to the Paradise or Marvels - thus negating the need for a shoe with a receiver on the aid. I understand the range of the Roger ON is greater than the Pen also.

I’m curious how the Paradise works with the iPhone - currently my OPN S1’s stream the call right to my aids via bluetooth and works very well so I want to keep that option.

It transmits to your Aids not by using Bluetooth but using the 2.4ghz frequency to the licenses that are installed in to the Paradise Aids.


Regarding second part of your question about iPhone. Paradise will stream from iPhone but it uses standard Bluetooth instead of Apple’s “Made for iPhone” low energy bluetooth that your Oticon uses. There are multiple discussions about this on the forum if you want to research further.


Yes I have read the threads on this. I’m not clear though how different it is using Paradises with standard bluetooth versus Oticon using MFI low energy bluetooth.

Currently my phone rings in my aids - I answer the call and, as I understand it, the callers voice is transmitted to my aids via bluetooth while I’m conversing to them via the iphone mic. It works very well for me. How would it be different using Paradise and standard bluetooth?

With Paradise, the hearing aid microphone would be used instead of the iPhone microphone. Some people love this, being able to make “hands free phonecalls.” Others who have to deal with phonecalls in noisy situations hate it. Also, all the “Made for iPhone” features are lost

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OK I understand that now.

I’m taking it then that you cannot get the iphone to auto route the calls to the aids as I can now with the MFI features with Oticon?

I don’t use my aids with my phone, but pretty sure phone can ring to the hearing aids and be answered by the hearing aids.

The difference between the Paradise and OPN S1 is that the OPN S1 you use a neckloop to connect with your iPhone, but you use your iPhone’s microphone to talk to people, but you hear them directly to your hearing aids. With the Paradise you talk and hear the people through your hearing aids, you don’t need a neckloop or hold your iPhone in your hand. Plus with the Paradise you can answer your phone and hang up with a simple tap on your ear, it is truly amazing to use. I keep my phone in my pocket and don’t need to touch it at all, unless I decide to look something up while talking on the phone. Yes in really noisy situations the Paradise microphones may not be the best to use, then I just turn off the phones bluetooth and use the phone directly.

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