From Mexico: will KS10s work with Profound Hearing Loss?

@Terost I will definitely try out the full shell earmolds for my next pair of HAs. Thanks.

@Deaf_piper I only have telephone conversations using my cellphone attached directly to my HAs. That way the sound arrives directly to both ears. I do reasonably well with 1 on 1 calls if I know the topic, but still have to ask to repeat sometimes.

Restaurants are just about impossible for me now. Even gatherings at home with 4 or so persons are a great Challenge. That is why I want to get Roger Select In device.

F2F with one person in a quiet place (especially with a man or a woman who has strong low frequencies) I can do pretty well still with help from reading lips.

My preferred method is on the computer using bluetooth direct to my HAs, a video conference so I can see the persons face and read lips, and with Live Captions (e.g. in a Google Meet situation) with one person. Under these conditions, I am still 100% capable so I do this a lot.

As for CIs at my age of 76 and the need for surgery and relearning, I am hoping to avoid it by using the best technology. So I hear your suggestion, but hope to avoid getting CIs. :crossed_fingers: :smiley:
KR, Dennis

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I can use my cell phone to call someone and talk and I don’t have to listen. Newer Phonak aids, you can use Phonak’s myCall to Text phone app. With that app you can dial and the app allows you to read in real time, what the other caller said. An subscription is required.

@Zebras, @MDB, @tenkan, @Terost @Baltazard, @mr.smithster, @Raudrive I followed all of your suggestions and invested the time reading on Phonakpro web site. I liked the demonstrations of the new Phonak technologies and the Roger devices.
Specifically, using the fitting ranges for a variety of models as suggested by @Zebras , I was able to see that Naida Paradise UP (ultra Power is the meaning?), have the best fitting range for me b/c they will handle my still mild to moderate low frequency hearing and also my steep ski slope drop at 1000 and 1500 Hz, and make the best of my almost now existent hearing (profound) from 2000 Hz onward (especially with SR2). Per the fitting ranges for the RITEs (e.g. Audeo Paradise with any available receiver), I would not get the power/coverage that I now need to get to my fullest potential speech understanding.
And from what @Terost and @kevels55 mention the full shell earmolds should also help me a bit more.
I am also still deciding between the Roger Select In (available on eBay for $700 US renewed) or the Roger On In which needs to be purchased new (I guess because it came out just last year so used/renewed are not available yet) and so will cost about $1,500 US.
@kevels55 (and others that have experience with these) are you still more convinced by Roger Select In than by Roger On In? Would they both be able to be utilized in a combined fashion to do even better in for example a 6 to 8 person eating at home situation with the Roger On In used for persons closer to me and the Roger Select In set up closer to the other end of the table for persons that are farther away from me?
So I will spend a pretty penny (~ $7 -8 K )on all of this but hopefully be able to understand my wife and family in most situations and avoid CIs for a good number of years (maybe till I pass away! :blush: )

What I am wondering about now is how long the trial period will be at a good audiologist in the US? I would hate to spend this much money and find that the improvement was only small. So testing extensively and fitting adjustments will be key to success.

Thanks to all that have contributed to this discussion. I am definitely much more prepared for choosing, testing and purchasing (and later self programming) than I was a few weeks ago. I will let all know how this went as I move forward over the next few months.

KR, Dennis


@dennis.hurley8 I am happy we all could help you.
Just for info, Costco Brio 5 is the same a Naida paradise ( @Zebras :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , but much much cheaper I suppose), @nc2kids has got a Brio 5 if you want more info.
You can get a roger on cheaper if you look around, but you will have to get 2 licenses separately and install them on the Brio 5.

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Thanks for the quick additional suggestions @Baltazard. I do see at repurpose_sound_accs on eBay, the Roger On (complete set, but with out the “IN” Licenses (2 needed)) for $750 US. And the Phonak Roger Select IN, Complete Set 2 LICENSE INSTALLED from same seller at $600.
So together $1,350 US.
If I have the 2 licenses from the Roger Select IN, will my Brio 5s (or Naida Paradise) work with both the Roger On and the Roger Select? (i.e. once the 2 licenses are installed in the hearing aids, then I can use either of the 2 Roger devices with them?)
This would be a considerable savings vs. what I had earlier estimated for the 2 Roger devices and therefore a great advantage.

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@dennis.hurley8 Absolutely YES, that’s what my brother has (sort of), he got Roger ON iN, then he got a Select, and he used both with same roger ON iN licenses.
Once you have a 03 or 02 compatible licenses, you can add as many roger ON/Select you want (I think), they don’t need to be iN version (That’s for sure).

Added: Check if you can get Brio 5 from Costco, that will save you money.

What’s that $950 all together, shop around amigo, shop around.
You could get some stuff from the US and shipped to your family or friends there, then when you cross, you can get them at their places, that will save you the shipping to Mexico.

That is very good price :slight_smile:
and a good combination

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@mhclavey Thank you
I did shop around to get my brother the roger select, for instance, I got him a roger select and roger table mic ii (2 units) all for $700 (£600 old British Pounds)
Not sure if you can get them roger off Craigslist or facebook market in the US or Mexico or Canada?

:warning: :warning: :warning: :warning: Please do check the seller before making any purchase.
Thank You

Yep, will do on checking seller. :smiley:

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