From impudent oticon to Phonak


After reading impudent paper from oticon in topic Oticon wins permanent injunction against online seller I made a decision to gradually move from oticon to Phonak. I have a pair of oticon Dynamo and Streamer Pro. My first step will be Roger Select and Roger X receiver (and maybe one or two Roger clip-on microphone(s)). But I have two questions.

  1. There are two types of Roger receivers - type 2 and type 3. Which type is for me?
  2. There are two variants of Roger receiver connecting - to Streamer Pro and to DAI inputs on hearing aids. Is Roger X compatible with Dynamo when connected by DAI connector?

All opinions will be appreciated.


The Roger (02) receivers will work with the Phonak Inspiro and Touchscreen Mic.

If you won’t use those two transmitters then the Roger (03) receivers will be fine.


The Roger X will work with both your Dyminos and Phonak HAs as well.


Thank you very much! I asked it because of I have read about gain problems with oticon hearing aids here Phonak Roger X receiver (type 02) for Oticon hearing aids (with +4dB gain) | Connevans


I’ve not heard of that problem. Yes with the 02 receivers you can adjust the gain. I’ve got 02 receivers and I’ve never adjusted the gain but I’ve got Phonak hearing aids.


Of course you have not gain problems because you have Phonak hearing aids. I will study this problem deeper.


I do know that to adjust the gain, you need the Inspiro or Touchscreen Mic. You can’t adjust the gain with the other transmitters.


Thank you! I didn’t know it.


If you’re upset about Oticon’s lawsuit, you might want to read this thread:’s line seems more limited


Ok, so no oticon and phonak, but this:


Have you thought about buying your Roger System on eBay? I did and saved loads, mine came from the US and cost me $70 each for the receivers and $89 for the Pen.


Yes, of course, I already try to find cheapest but not garbage accessories online. But I didn’t think about Roger as addition to my Oticon ecosystem - only from today, after those impudent paper. Roger Pen, as I think, is not the most convenient accessory. Roger Select seems to me more comfortable.


I did some work for Phonak a couple of months ago and got to try the Select. It’s very good. Also the Table Mic II is also very good.


Agree. But Table Mic is table mic only)) Roger Select is more universal - table mic, remote partner microphone, TV/audio streamer. But it is too expensive, it costs almost as hearing aid…