From Coloured Earmoulds to open fit

Hello everyone,

I have just joined this forum. Everyone seems really friendly.

I will have a look around the forums, but for now I wanted to ask your opinions on the older style coloured full shell bte earmoulds. I have been wearing these for the longest time with Siemens Rio BTE. I know these are a very old style of hearing aid but where I live, they are the type that was available, and I haven’t updated for a while :o

I may have the opportunity to try the open fit style of earmould with new digi aids but have always enjoyed the coloured style of full shell, I like the bright colour and the way it stands out. I am sadly realising though that technology is now going another way and that the coloured earmoulds I have had for so long are no longer modern and hip.

Are full shell coloured earmoulds still being made new or are audios discouraging people from getting this style anymore?

Thanks in advance

i think westone (they make earmolds) could easily make colors the shells,

the newer open fit hearing aids like the Audeo or the Delta

can be purchase in very cool colors. Delta has pink, cocodrile very trendy.

I like the silver audeo it looks very high tech…

Im not sure that Siemens do come in those colors but the centra, cielo

are great instruments with good features…

A while ago, in a trip to germany i saw a few earmolds made by Egger,
one of them had a flower which stick out of the ear… it look real
strange but the girl who used it absolutely love it…


Most manufacturers (Westone, Emtech, etc.) still have a lot of options for molds and mold colors. So, if that’s what you like, or what works best, you should have no problem getting new ones.

With respect to open-fittings, if you have been wearing a full-shell BTE mold, it is possible that you may have trouble getting the power you are used to (or need) with an open fitting. Usually if I fit full-shell molds on a BTE, it is to get a good seal for a more powerful aid. That being said, open fittings are very comfortable, and if you can sufficiently meet your gain needs, you will be likely really enjoy them.

Good Luck.

My audi. recently told me that she had just ordered hot pink earmolds for a patient. So I know they still have them. Also I just got my new open fit aids in red absolutly love them!:cool: