Frightened and asking your advice


I am a 53-year-old male that has been putting it the inevitable for some time. The desire to hear and detriments at work have persuaded me to take the first step. I work in an office environment and have grown tired of asking my wife the same question. What did she say as it’s high pitched sounds are worse. I am very scared yet the treasure of hearing I also weighed in the decision. I have been reading your posts in an effort to learn by reading.

I do not have the numbers with me although I remember the awakening number of a little over 37% hearing in the right or 63% loss. The left is a tad worse. The ENT Dr., my sister-in-Law, said she would send me to the Aud in the office and recommended Oticon or Phonak. She did not mention a any price break.

Would you go with the Oticon Delta or the Phonak Savia. I don’t’ think I can afford the Top of the line digital. Does anyone wear these and have satisfaction? My apologies for being a Newbie and jumping in with the questions. I am scared yet look to the benefits of the aids.

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply


oticon Vigo should outperfom Delta, and it is cheaper!
I have fitted tons of them… this is one of my favorites instruments to fit

Phonak is a good instrument… I would wait for them go get their new mid price level it seems this would happen @ the EUHA. By the way, Unitron -Phonak sister company did released a mid price instrument call Next…

She’s your sister-in-law! Ask her for the family price!!:wink:

Thanks for the suggestion. I will look at the Vigo. You must like the brand if you have worked with that many.

Xbulder could you give a comment about what exelias give more than vigos, because I have been reading this forum for a very long while, both you and wearers shows positive feedbacks.

However I could not exactly figure out exelias vs vigos(I assume these are non-wireless epoqs)

Thank you

Does anyone wear the Oticon Epoq. Are your opinions good? I read they are newer than others? Is the extra price worth it when moving up to the Epoq over the Delta’s?
Thank you much for your input!