Free online hearing test resource from audio engineer

I found this online test ( provide me helpful information, and I believe that its use over time by me for differential testing to monitor hearing in between visits to a professional setting will be of value. Perhaps it’d be a resource for you. It was created by audio engineer and sound designer; does not ask for email or any personal information. I found that its method for calibrating the playback volume to be interesting/effective and checked the results via and old sound level meter I had from Radio Shack from a few decades ago.

I know that online sound/tone generators and HA mfg hearing tests are also readily available. For the above I used both high quality desktop speakers and Sennheiser headphones each with good and fairly flat frequency response. When I have the opportunity to have someone else present the test sounds to me (rather than clicking things myself), I will do so. This would eliminate any tendency to “claim” that I am hearing something because I know that a sound is being presented.

As I understand standard tone threshold testing procedures scoring of the test and determination of threshold would be at least two out of three correct answers at any freq and volume setting; meaning correctly indicating hearing sound very close to the onset of it and indicating it stopping very close to its termination. As the above website suggests for retesting one must duplicate all characteristics of the environment especially making sure that fan noise from computer or HVAC is not present. I don’t know for sure but if one has the option to use above not via a smartphone it probably would be more accurate. Personally I did find that results from above matched those of recent professionally determined audiogram.

The above test might be of particular value (to get ball park handle on extent of their hearing loss) to those who are new to HAs and have not yet had a professional hearing test in sound proof booth, etc.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the developer or the website, and am not offering medical advice to anyone who might read this.


If I’m looking at the possibility of spending thousands on hearing aids why would I look to cut corners on the test which is relatively inexpensive

Time, convenience, regular self monitoring might be reasons that one would choose to use the online tool. For you it might not have any cost/benefit value. Depending on ones goal a tool may or may not be appropriate. If one has access to a calibrated scale as used at some professional sporting events, or a less well calibrated one at a professionals office, does not mean that “cutting corners” and using a digital bathroom scale does not have value (for some people).

Do a lot of people take an eye test on line. And when they do,do they take the results seriously?

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I do not overestimate the accuracy of a test by a commercial audiologist who is anxious to get down to the nitty gritty sales pitch for over-priced hearing aids. At or near the threshold of hearing, it is hard to know if I actually hear the signal, or do I imagine it, or am I hearing the ringing inside my head. I asked the audiologist about that and the reply was something like, “Oh well, don’t worry about that. When we fit the hearing aids, we adjust them as necessary if you don’t like the original settings based on the audiogram.”
I think on-line self tests are not precise but they are interesting and useful for someone who wonders about the general condition of his hearing.

Well I guess you could say that about anything. What are you going to do if you ever need surgery God forbid