Four brands, which one for my problem?

I belong to Kaiser med. group and while they don’t cover hearing aids they do discount for members. kaiser, uses Wydex, Oticon, Phonak and GS resound.
I have severe hearing loss and I need behind the ear, just for the power, I hope you all will be able to provide information to help in my selection.
I want to thank you all for the past help and information.
Thanks Bill

Hi malfunction

Post up your audiogram please so the pro’s can give an informed opinion… Without it, they are p1ssing into the wind!:D:D:D

Cheers Kev.


I’d take a closer look at what the discount actually is. Chances are it is a standard 40-50% off MSRP discount that you will get anywhere in the industry. If that is the case I would take some time finding a local professional with a good reputation, and then begin thinking about which hearing aids to purchase.

From personal experience Kaiser prices are basically the same as at most Audiologist in the San Jose area. If you want total sticker shock go to the Audi’s near Good Sam. I went to the Santa Teresa Hearing Aid center and Gina was great! Good luck.

For price comparison purposes :eek:, I’d suggest hiking to your nearest Costco with your audiogram.

I would also go to Costco, I know 2 retired Kaiser doctors and both got their HA from Costco. Their reasons: price and warranty. Good luck!

I too have gone to the Kaiser Hearing Aid Center at Santa Teresa - I am working with Claudine and she seems very competent. That said, a poster above had a good suggestion to go to Costco to compare prices.

Also, my understanding is Costco does not have top of the line hearing aids. The Resound Future is perhaps the closest to its top aid, the Alera, but the other Costco brands are made by Siemens and you probably won’t get the latest technology you would get from a Starkey Wi, Oticon Agil, Phonak Ambra or Widex Clear. Again, that is my understanding.

It’s more like they run a product cycle which is about a year behind the Audiologists. That said, I don’t think anybody has found much difference between the Alera and the Future. If they are shipping the Chronos now, that’s pretty current.

A lesser brand for features and technology that is properly fit will perform better than a high end device with every feature in the book that is not fit properly. Shop around, look at how long the trial periods are. Find out if they will perform speech mapping verification testing within six weeks of fitting. Talk to people you know that have hearing aids and what their experience was like with their dispenser.