Foundation for Sight & Sound a scam?

This is a hearing aid foundation that helps ppl with hearing aid purchases, I’ve called and got a form the fill out than seen that I could be possibly denied cause I have household (myself, roommate & an unemployed roomate) but I’m my only finical with rent,bills etc. and the foundation is asking me to send $200.00 non refundable fee,

Chances are I could be denied and asking for assistant with hearing aid cause I can’t afford and loose $200. As well with it?

Is there a way the company will release they’re percentage that they help to see if they are not a scAm & just collecting $. I can’t find them on

Did you look this place up on the Internet? I would be very very wary of a place that asks you to send in $200 before they do anything.

Obvious Ripp-off. ED

Look into The Hearing Foundation - IIRC it is run by Starkey, and I think it costs the same. Not many qualify on their program though.

Household usually does not mean room-mates. You would state your responsibility for your portion but I don’t think you include those not related to you. If you were married then you would include a spouse’s income…but I’m pretty sure this doesn’t apply for those you aren’t legally bound to. You see, you can’t count on their income as yours on credit card applications or mortgages so why would you report them on this?

Hear Now does ask for an application fee of $125/ear up-front but they have their income requirements stated plainly in their application packet so you can get an idea of whether you qualify or not before sending the money in.

The Starkey Hearing Foundation some call it Hear Now, does charge an application fee. However they will try and pre-qualify you over the phone. If they do not think you qualify, they will not send the application. They are NOT a scam, they are supported by list of credible people to long to list, including: Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Marlee Matlin.

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I am sorry but can’t agree with you.