Found I'm a candidate for bilateral implants

I had my eval done on Monday Aug 10 2020.
My word score was good without noise but, with noise it was 32.
I have an appointment for Sept 3 to order equipment. I need to decide on a manufacturer. Im leaning toward Cochler Nucleus 7. I haven’t found out yet the date of the first implantation. The second will be about 4 months after the first.

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@butch I was implanted on my right side on 7/23, but will not be activated until next Tuesday. I have nerve damage in my left ear and wear a hearing aid in that ear. My left ear has always been bad, but my right ear was my better and I used to wear aids in both ears, but could hear without the right aid. Just before last Christmas, I suffered a sudden hearing loss in my right ear (SSHL). Now without the left HA, my hearing is horrible.

The doctors tried steroids, but that didn’t work. Since I had hearing in my right ear, I didn’t qualify in the past for a CI. When the steroids didn’t work, I mention a CI to my ENT. Went through the eval and barely made it with 60% w/aids in noise, if I remember correctly. Since I’m a diabetic, had vertigo the day I lost my hearing, the ER doc thought I had an inner ear infection, but due to the diabetes, had a CT scan run. When I followed up with my doctor, he referred to an ENT, neurologist, and physical therapy for balance. He also sent me for an MRI. Both CT and MRI were negative and I had half of what was required for surgery. My ENT sent me to an audi that works with surgeon that did the surgery for my eval.

My surgeon only did Cochlear for implants and through research, I was leaning toward Cochlear. I picked the Nucleus N7 mainly because of it’s BT capability without an intermediary device for my iPhone. At this time, the current Kanso doesn’t have that ability. The Kanso 2 will, but won’t be out till fall. If I end up with 2 processors, I may trade one in for the Kanso 2 in fall. A Cochlear implant syncs with the current version of ReSound aids. I have the Quattro 9.

I can also tell you that Cochlear is a great company as far as customer service goes. I first reached out to them for a mentor. I’ve had 2, the first one was very good in helping me understand, he lives in the southeastern US. The one of their other reps reached out to me (can’t remember her title off the top of my head), she was very nice and was very interested in my case and offered a number of resources. She introduced me to my second mentor who is older than me ( about my Mom’s age). The nice thing is she lives right around my Mom so she’s local. We call and text each other and plan to get together. Very nice, outgoing lady. She was the one that actually helped me with my fear of the surgery and after talkingvto her several times, I felt comfortable going in for the procedure. I’m still in contact with the woman from Cochlear and another contact frombthe company. So far, I’ve been happy. I also communicate with @Deaf_piper who has also helped me and is also a Cochlear customer.

Sorry this was a bit long, but wanted to let you know my background and that I’ve received a Cochlear brand implant as well as my experience with the company.

Congratulations to you! Good luck with your journey and whichever manufacturer you decide to go with. You’ll find plenty of help here.


@butch welcome to the boards. I also have a Cochlear N7, I was implanted in July 2019. I didn’t have a choice in brand either. Well I could have had AB, but that meant traveling interstate for Drs visits and mappings… The Eye and Ear hospital in Melbourne where I had my CI implanted still remain very loyal to Prof Graeme Clark the inventor of the Cochlear implant. They only offer the one brand of CI in my state.

I don’t think anyone has an AB on the boards. A couple of members do have Med-el though.

I’m bimodal N7, with EAS attachment & Resound Enzo2, I love the fact the the N7 does direct streaming. It’s brilliant for phone calls, TV etc. It has 2 battery sizes as well. I won’t be going bilateral until my L ear deteriorates, because it’s been profoundly deaf since birth.

My one piece of advise to you would be don’t rush into the second CI 4 months later. Wait until you can understand speech and converse easily with your first implant. Why, simply because everyone’s hearing journey is so very different. Some people take 6-8 months or longer before they can hold a conversation with the implanted ear. Others understanding speech might be upon activation. But it still takes them a few months to be able to hold a conversation easily.

Good luck on your new hearing journey, and enjoy life again.


The same events to me are similar to what happened on Christmas in December 2019 … Hearing loss gradually until April 2019 I developed sudden hearing loss (SSHL) Now I am waiting for the date of transplantation, probably after 4-5 months … I am living a very difficult period, I will return to life again I believe in that .

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Good luck on your new hearing journey, and enjoy life again. We are waiting for you to tell us about your journey .

@butch The thing you need to do is reach out to all three US companies, assuming all are a choice at your hospital / surgery center, and speak with their reps and some of their users. Med-El and Advanced Bionics (AB) have publicly accessible user forums ( and Cochlear apparently has Facebook groups but I don’t use Facebook so I was never really able to speak to a user one on one. I initially wanted Med-El, then leaned to Cochlear, but the more I spoke with all of them the more I leaned back toward Med-El and that’s who I ended up going with. Never had a voluntary or forced recall of their implants, their processors work with all their implants, they have the longest and greatest variety of electrodes to work with your particular scenario. They also build their own implants in their own factory in Austria and you even, when travel is a thing, have the ability to meet the person who actually made your specific implant, which I thought was neat. (To address the other companies, Cochlear has had a voluntary implant recall, and AB has had I believe several recalls. Cochlear arguably has the most advanced BTE processor right now, but that changes every few years. AB has the T-Mic which theoretically gets you sound most similar to normal hearing since it’s picking up from the opening of the ear canal, but on the forums many people talk about them being fragile and breaking repeatedly. AB also has a microphone on the coil that goes on your head which helps the processor figure out where sounds are. I had the least positive experience with AB’s company rep, but he was also the only one of the three who was actually a user. Med-Els reps in my region are all audiologists so they know the medical side. Cochlear rep was very nice but ultimately a salesperson.)

The standard rechargeable battery life for the BTE processor (Sonnet 2) isn’t the greatest (7-10 hours) but on 675 batteries it’s the same as the others (60-90 hours). You can’t stream directly either so if that’s important to you to not carry around a little device or use a neckloop then that’s something to bear in mind. I was most interested in the potential quality of normal hearing though. I personally heard speech from turn-on, though not clearly. It’s been a week almost two weeks now and in quiet I can follow a conversation with just my implant which is great. In noise like yesterday when I had to go into the office and everyone was masked up it is much more challenging but that’s going to be true with any of them. I know it’ll get better as I have more mappings over time; I’m not worried about it. I’m already well ahead of the curve as-is.

Hearing Journey (AB) has weekly live chats on Thursdays (tonight); Med-El has live virtual events and Hear Peers has monthly coffee talks on Sunday mornings (next is 13 Sep) over Google Meet, and Cochlear has live virtual events over Microsoft Teams. (All the live events I have participated in were captioned.)

Good luck!