Found a great audiologist


I have been trialing Opticon OPN and Sigmia Pure hearing aids since January. I really liked the OPN aids but didn’t feel that I was getting a good fitting. I decided to try another audiologist and other brands of hearing aids mainly Phonak and the Resound Quattro’s. From the first moment walking into the new practice, I noticed a difference. The receptionist was very welcoming and the wait for the doctor was very short. The audiologist asked me questions about lifestyle and then performed the hearing test. I updated my profile. Once the test was complete, we when to her office and then she surprised me. She told me that my right ear was not that bad and that she would recommend not getting an aid for that ear now. The practice is a part of the AGX hearing group which I had not heard of before. She fitted me with a Resound Quattro hearing aid on the left ear and I will be trialing it for three weeks. She will then fit me with a Phonak Marvel to determine which one I like the best. I then can choose either an Opticon OPN, a Marvel or a Quattro. So far, I really like the Quattro and only having one aid makes life much easier. I think I found a great audiologist and a super practice. I have come from the ENT doctor recommending that I get a BAHA, to going with only one hearing aid. Follow your gut feelings!

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I’m very happy for you that you found this audiologist. I realize I have been very fortunate in that area for many years. I have been a patient at the same locatation since I started wearing hearing aids. So far, every audiologist–the entire staff in fact–have been professional and accomodating.



glad you found one, I heard of AGX, have their hearing aid now but looking forward to when the S is finally out :smiley:
mine is the AGX 5, my mom’s is the 3