Forum screen flashing back to white to black on most navigation

The visually disturbing screen flashing up white then down black, with so much white flashing is back again. I know this happen before on a forum upgrade.

I use the black screen background, the getting 1/2 to 3/4 of the screen flash to white then black is hard on my eyes. I hope it can be worked out, or I will only check in rately. The flashing almost makes me nauseous.

It’s just the footer of the page showing while the main content of the page loads. I can see why that’s jarring given we don’t have a dark theme footer yet. I’m going to ask my dev to just remove the footer in dark mode. Will get back to you.

Should be fixed lemme know.

I’m not using a dark theme, and I also find it annoying. Perhaps remove the footer for everyone?

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Yes, thank you so very much! Sorry, I know that footer is important from a site owner standpoint, and I usually adapt well site to site as I read during the day.

Hearing Tracker has been invaluable in the last year and a half, with my hearing journey. I keep HT in one tab open all day, and check new posts often. Seldom does a day go by without learning half dozen new hearing aid abilities / theory / coming developments, or at least to improve my understanding of getting the best from using hearing aids.

I deeply appreciate having HT and your willingness to accommodate those who participate in discussions. I’d gladly pay a small monthly fee to support HT and keep it going into the future.

Thank you again for the kind support of those of use with hearing impairments!

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Just to be clear, in my previous reply I was suggesting removing the footer only while waiting for the page to load, so there is not the – to me, annoying – sensation of having a “different” page flash for a very brief interval before the final page is displayed.

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This should FINALLY be fixed. Try clearing your browser cache if you have any issues.

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It is fixed, thank you!

This is probably not the place to mention an issue I am having but here goes.

This is an iPad only issue for me. The desktop with Windows 10 does not have this issue.

The drop down menu for All Categories is not dropping down when selected, looking for the DIY forum.
When I tried to start a new thread about this issue the drop down menu for what category would not open there either.

I did just update this iPad with the 13.3.1 update. I suspect that is the issue but wanted to bring this up to the forum.


I haven’t yet upgraded to 13.3.1, and am experiencing the same new issue today.

I’ve got the issue on my Chromebook. I can work around it though by just using the regular Categories–DIY now shows up on it.

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Drop-down menus are not working right now. We’re aware of the issue and it’s being looked into. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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It’s fixed, and thanks @rasmus_braun for bringing it to my attention earlier.

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Looking good.