? for Siemens Tek users

I have using the Tek system for 6 or 7 months now. While I am happy with my HA, I have a few concerns with the Tek system.

First, my wife frequently complains that when I am talking on the phone using the Tex BT that she can’t understand me. The sound is very muddy. I have tried putting the Tek at several different distances from my mouth, but it does not seem to make a difference.

It would also be nice to be able to control the volume - specifically I would like to be able to turn it up more in a loud environment. So far I have not been able to get them set up to work that way.

I would like to see the Tex transmitter display caller ID. The way it is now I actually carry my phone in my pocket and my Tek on my belt. If I want to see who is calling I have to pull out my phone. Surely there is a way to get that information on the Tek.

I would like to see the capability to use voice dialing like I can with a regular BT headset.

I would like to see the Tek transmitter have a little more power. Currently I have to have the device directly in front of me and if I turn my head I get static and/or lose the signal. Is there some limit on how much power the transmitter can transmit?

By the way, I traded out my first Tek thinking that it was defective. It appears these are systematic problems. I hope someone from Siemens reads this forum and takes these suggestions for the next version.

And thanks for those that post here. I have found the information useful and informative. It has helped me in communicating to my audi to make adjustments to set up the system.

The only complaints I’ve had from callers while on the Tek is noisy environments, (data centers, wind noise, driving with the top down on the expressway), conversations at home or in quiet rooms aren’t a problem.

My audi increased the volume level for the music and phone programs for me.

I’ve only had my Tek for a couple of weeks, and have similar problems with muddy voice at other end of phone–so far I find I really have to hold it fairly close to my mouth, so it’s not really a hands-free phone.

I do have a question. Since my bluetooth phone program is #2, the #2 button seems not to have any function. Am I missing something? It seems a shame to waste a large button on this program if the button isn’t going to do anything.

If the Tek is programmed for Bluetooth on program 2 then no, you cannot select program 2; it is automatically selected when you make or receive a call. However, program 2 can be set up for programs other than Bluetooth, so I suppose Siemens chose to keep the button.

I don’t need to hold the Tek to speak into it unless I am in a extremely noisy environment. I can leave the Tek hanging from the strap around my neck and carry on a phone conversation in my car with the top down and on the expressway. Maybe it’s my voice, but I rarely hold the Tek to speak in to it. Luckily, it’s hands free for me.

One more feature I would like to see (and can’t believe I forgot to mention in my original post) - Add a mute button on the controller. I often use my cell phone for teleconferences involving up to 15 or 20 people. It is a common courtesy to mute your phone so background noise doesn’t interfere.

That’s a good idea. I’ve had a few situations where the program has changed quickly without pressing a button–tek might have been jostled in pocket, but not enough to press down a button. Has this happened to any of you? I’m wondering if I have a faulty tek. Since it changes to a program with mics turned off, I’m instantly deaf until I find the remote and manually change back–awkward in a meeting!

When in the car I have the Tek device attached to the dash, about three feet in front of my mouth. It sits rather well in my cell phone holder. When not in the car I tend to hold it about two feet in front of my mouth, as I would if I had my cellphone on speakerphone. I haven’t had any major complaints about the sound quality.

Also, in response to someone about (I forget who), I had my audi adjust the sound level for bluetooth. I now have much more volume range than when he set it up initially.

60 Year old, Hearing Aids 20 years. Present set Siemaens Pure 500 with TEK.

I will start out by saying I hated my Pures when they first came in. I was not aware I would not get custom ear molds. Squealed like crazy, LOL. I sat trying to keep my head straight while watching TV and noticed if I put my finger in my ear the one side worked fantastic. I went to Walgreens and got some of the white silicone putty they sell to prevent noise from getting in ears, did it to both sides and now no squeals and hear as good as I did before needing hearing aids.

Here is my problem however - I have a TEK, LOVE IT, but I can’t hear with someone else talking around me. Is there a way to have it set so you only hear through the TEK and not the noise around you? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Tom Hay

Question for others. Would the squealing indicate they weren’t set up properly? And could that also be an indication of the cause of the hearing problem? I’ve never had mine squeal, but maybe that’s because I have a lot less gain. But even my mother-in-law’s never squeal, and her’s are set high.

They were not set up at all, ebay bought new. They came with 4 differant size ear buds, none fit my right ear. I was used to Ear molds. In all honesty I didn’t know about the direct Mic in ear, I figured they had clear tubes and my ear mold would work on them. What I do know is doing it with my method I hear great.

I have the Pure 700 w/ the TEK and had the same issues. Have your audi turn off the mics on the aids so that you only hear the sound streaming through the Tek and not surrounding sounds.
The feed back can be adjusted by slowing down the feed back setting. It made all the difference.

Thanks, I am going to try to get an appointment before Christmas to have the TEK reset. LOL, to be honest I am SCARED to have the feedback adjusted. The little white silicone wax balls have worked great. I do not think I could achieve a better level of hearing without advanceing to the 700’s. I am going to stay with the 500’s for another year to see just what might come out. The TEK with noisy background while on cell phone was my only real big issue and you and many others were kind enough to tell me there is a solution so I thank you all.

I did. And found it only happens when mobile is connected.
Try disconnect BT using telephone when receiving from transmitter(TV). That is - if it really is connected…

BTW: Roomers ar that a new, reduced size, Tek is comming …


I purchased my Siemens Pure 700’s with the Tek Connect a little over a year ago. I have been happy with the hearing aids and really liked the concept of the Tek. Unfortunately my Tek (F/W 1.2) was always a very difficult device to work with. I am using an iPhone (originally 3g and now 4). I found myself removing and reinserting the Tek battery every time I tried using it. I also found that the Tek was extremely sensitive to it’s placement and proximity to the hearing aids. It’s very annoying when the sound cuts in and out just because I turned my head.

After a little over a year and two replacements of the Tek I was about to give up on it. I went to see my audiologist and she made some calls to Siemens tech support. She is a great patient advocate. Even though the Tek was out of warranty (1 year) Siemens agreed to replace it with a new unit with F/W 2.2 at no charge. I just returned from her office and the difference is amazing. I haven’t had to remove the battery and I am able to turn my head and walk around without the sound cutting out. Also, listening to music from my iPhone 4 via Bluetooth, the sound is much crisper and the stereo separation is very good. It sounds better than my ear buds (well, it should since it makes my hearing aids into $5,000 earphones). I think part of this is that Apple made some significant improvements to the iPhone’s Bluetooth technology with iPhone 4 and IOS 4.

So, if you have a Tek and are unhappy with it make some noise and make Siemens replace it with a new version. There is a bonus in that I received a brand new Tek package with all the cables and adapters.

I have had this problem since i changed phones. I had an earlier Samsung that was great at maintaining a bluetooth connection to the TEK. I lost it, and got a replacement Samsung of similar clam shell design. Firstly its phone signal reception is not as good as the old one, and similarly its bluetooth is not as good either, as some days it just works, some days it doesn’t and I have to re-pair them. Sometimes I just don’t bother.
Perhaps the Tek is a little flaky and my old phone was great, so together they worked fine. Now with both being flaky, one can’t compensate for the other, and so now its good days/bad days.

That said, if I plug my MP3 player directly into the Tek, the stereo is fabulous! Communication from the tek to the Motion 501 CICs is flawless.

I am unable to find a source for a replacement battery for my TeK transmitter. The battery doesn’t have a model number just the electrical rating-3.7V 1000mAh.
I would really appreciate some help finding a souce.

Sounds like you have a good start, knowing the specs. It may take some looking to find one with the right connectors and size.