? for Siemens Tek users

I’m having problems with the Tek Transmitter. Whether it’s hooked up to my iPod and only a foot away from me, or hooked up to my TV 12ft away, the Transmitter will work for a short while before dropping the bluetooth connection. Getting it to reconnect usually requires restarting the Tek Connect - and then it will only work for a short while before dropping again. I’ve quit using it for now…but it’s pretty aggravating for such an expensive piece of equipment. Anyone else experience this?

I want to swap it for a replacement but my audi is saying that Siemens is requiring that I send mine in so they can test it and decide whether to fix it or replace it. This is a major hassle for me since I rely on the bluetooth heavily. My audi is working on getting Siemens to see things my way but hasn’t gotten back with me yet. If Siemens makes me send mine back I will consider this a major negative comment on Siemens for sure.

All kit is subject to faults and failures.

The Tek is unlikely to have a systematic fault built in.

My tek has worked with no problems for 3 months now.

Hi, Names Doug in Australia, aged 63 and 3 days into setting up the new HAs.
My Audiologist set up the 5 remote channels for hearing A and Background
noise reduction, 3rd is TV with Teck (blue flasher) 4th is Music Channel with
very loud feedback, ouch! and the 5th is for the Pairing bluetooth with my
Nokia 2630 mobile phone. They won’t talk to each other yet, It may need
help from Audio computer program? That will be a bonus!
It’s nice to hear clocks ticking, Birds chirping , boards creaking and sharp voices around me reminding me i’m not alone.
I was lucky to have the gear supplied by Workcover insurance claim in a
noisy work environment in Engineering and Power stations.
Good luck with your trials, I will keep in touch as problems arise or get sorted out, Cheers,

I had a few adjustments made to the Tek remote this morning and I really like this system. I left the audi’s office and drove to a customer site and went into a large data center. The data center is a very noisy place, there are racks and racks of servers mounted in cabinets and both the servers and cabinets have fans, there are 4-5 huge AC units that generate deep low hums, mainframes with huge fans, and number of tape drives with vacuum pumps that when loaded generate quite a bit of noise. The tape drives are located just behind the operator’s console, so the operators can spin around and load tapes. I was sitting next to the one of the operators and I selected the noisy environment program on the Tek remote and the back ground noise virtually disappeared and I could hear the operator just fine, which was a problem for me previously.

I asked the audi to disable the microphone when the music\audio program is in use and with the microphone disconnected the only input is from the audio program. I can still hear what gets beyond the molds, but no outside sounds from the HAs. Connecting the Tek to the iPod either with the BlueTooth transmitter or the cable is better than any ear phones I have ever had. Though the Tek has to stay in the middle and front of my body or the signal will fade from the side turned away from the BlueTooth transmitter.

The BlueTooth and phone work well for me and no one ever realizes I am on a BlueTooth device.

I really like the ability to be able to control the volume and select the programs from the Tek. I wish it were smaller and lighter and the lanyard connection were on the opposite end, but over all it works great and is the hands-free solution I was looking for.

Hi everyone, I’ve had my Pure 500’s with the Tek for about 6 weeks now and I am absolutely loving it. It’s been the best fit in terms of functionality for me.

My audologist and I are still working on fine tuning the aids for me I only have 4 programmes setup and thus far it’s working fine.

I’m still getting used to having the recieved in the ear; but I still have the option of trying out the soft dome fitting if we’re not entirely happy with the fit.

The best feature of this whole combination is that the bluetooth functionality… where I can acutally hear the person on the other end of the phone clearly! it’s amazing. Also getting the full effect of the bass while watching TV or listening to music. Absolutely fabulous.

I have recently acquired a Tek and a pair of Explorer h/a. The aids are working well and exceed my expectations. I have been wearing hearing aids for almost 60 years and have experienced every problem and advantage that they have to offer.

The e2e feature and the Tek Bluetooth function are great. If only they were available years ago… I use it to enhance TV and other entertainment audio as well as resolving my biggest problem, cell phones. I have also paired the Tek with my PC’s Bluetooth although that takes a bit of extra effort each time it is used.

My biggest issue with the Tek is my dispenser’s complete lack of familiarity with the device. I had to figure out on my own how some of the features can be used effectively. He also did not program the “welcome” screen on the device. I recommend that at the very least the owners name and phone number be placed there to facilitate the return of a lost instrument.

I remember reading someplace that you have to setup the TEK on #2 for it to work with bluetooth…

How does this relate to hearing aids? Did I miss something?

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Have the Pure 500’s and Tek Connect. With an mp3 play connected to the jack on the Tek Connect, it seems that it has to be within a foot of the aids. I read there was a distance of 3 feet, but was not sure what context that was in.

Lary, how did you connect your computer with the Tek Connect, everytime I try, I end up losing my Mobile Phone.


You need to have two seperate PROGRAMS set up:

a. Program 2 is set to be Bluetooth

b. A second program is set for the Tek Transmitter.

If you are using the direct plug into your TEK, I’m not sure what is happening; but I does not surprise me to learn that it is cutting out your Bluetooth.
Lots of things work and work well, but it has a large number of unresolved issues.

In my experience, the TEK is a Siemens “work in progress”.

My TEK works great…Now I had my audi tweak a couple of things…

I am lucky because my audi lets me see the software and help her make adjustments.

What cought my eye was when messing with the settings on my HA’s bluetooth and music settings. The aids were set just like my “normal” setting. So in my case the highs were amped and the lows were not.

I thought about that for a little bit and it hit me…I have the Bluetooth and music setup to cut off the mic’s. So all the aids are doing is amping the highs and nothing else. I had her boost the whole spectrum so that I could get all the sounds through the aids.

Now the TEK has to be positioned between your ears. Either hung from the neck or in front of you. If you move your head around too much your aids will cut out a little but the TEK is still sending signal.

I actully have to watch out because sometimes my wife will turn the volume up on the TV and it will increase in my ears and can be too loud.

My Tek works great as well. I typically use the audio cable to connect my Tek to my laptop or iPod (program 4) and I do not lose the Bluetooth connection to my phone, nor do I lose it when using the Tek Bluetooth transmitter. As thanks2 stated you need two separate programs. Program 2 is for an external Bluetooth device such as a phone or a Bluetooth hub. The Tek Bluetooth transmitter should not compete with the cell phone, on a separate program at least.

My audi set up the Tek Bluetooth\audio cable connection on program 4 and labeled it music and because she set the program up for music, she set the sound spectrum for the range of sounds. I had forgotten that until icemncmth mentioned it and maybe that is the reason I enjoy my iPod or laptop for music.

Personally, I have not had any problems with the Tek and I do not believe it is a work in progress, well no more than the entire HA industry is.

Just saw my Audi this morning…
Siemens seems to be getting the message, that a HA as “feature full” as the Motions, needs a bit more support for the audis from Siemens reps.

So my Audi was able to have the Siemens Rep in her office to put a final tweek on my Siemens Motion 700Ms and my TEK.
We went over each Program – and was able to make minor changes to each.
And we tested each one regarding how I thought they sounded.
Hows that for backing up a product !!!

Can’t say enough about the fines support from both my Audi and Siemens.:smiley:
We both knew going in, that as a first time HA user, a techie, a high end HA and a new model HA from Siemens; we would take awhile to learn and work out some of the features and settings.

ps: I did have a printout of your comments above for the Siemens rep and audi. Your solution is fine. They said that others opt to not have the mics on at all so that you get a finer stereo affect.

At this point I think I can mention that I got a extremely good price on these HAs, but they have the reputation on price.
But the service, technical and people skills are superior too.
I left with a detailed printout of ALL the setting for each ear HA. Two pages for each.
I say more on this later, but my audi has been super over a 2 mo. period with
quite a few visits. I guess i can mention that I am in the Washington, DC area…
and my Audi is Kathy Grace with Auditory Services, Inc.:slight_smile:

I forgot to mention…
The Siemens rep showed me and gave me a newly released Manual and CD that will, I believe, come packaged with the TEK.

It explains all the features for us visual / audio learners out there.:slight_smile:

I am really impress with Siemens’ manuals… for all parts: the HAs, the charger, the TEK, the TEK Transmitter and more.

One thing about the TEK …is sure does come with any cable you would ever need!!!

I am still have difficulty with static and the audio cutting out when turning my head left or right or when the Tek Connect moves when I walk. This is with the Tek Transmitter as well as the Audio In.

Any ideas?

dear all,

I’m generally happy with my Pure700 and the bluetooth functionality with the tek remote and tek transmitter. I’ve had these HAs (my first) for about 2 months now.

I’m trying to figure out if my problems (similar to Alias’s) are related to the iPhone or not.

If I connect my iPod (the iPod in the iPhone) to the TekRemote using the cable then everything works fine… Program 4 is reserved for the tech remote’s jack input or input from the Tek transmitter, Program 2 is reserved for the bluetooth phone link with my iPhone.

Plugging the iPod/iPhone into the TekRemote using the cable works fine but when I try to use the tek transmitter then I encounter Alias’ problems… it disconnects without warning and works intermittantly or not at all.

My audiologist changed the tek for me when I went back and explained the problem and gave me a brand new box (he subsequently sent mine in to Siemens for a replacement box). but now I’m encountering the same problems. Before I bring it back to ask him to change it again or to send it into the after sales service … I’d sort of like to understand the problem.

I think the problem might be related to the iPhone… if I switch off the bluetooth on my iPhone then the Tektransmitter seems to work without a problem… I can go from listening to the ipod and back to my general program 1 and then back to 4 without a glitch…
but of course the whole point is to be able to take a phone call too… using bluetooth (and program 2) !

interesting… I’m testing as I’m writing this… and I reactivated bluetooth on the iphone (while listening to the ipod using the tektransmitter) and now it seems to be working without a problem.

could it be a question of doing things in the right order?
a) stop the bluetooth on the iphone
b) plug in the Tektransmitter to the iphone and begin listening to the ipod on program 4
c) re-activate bluetooth on the iphone…
d) re-activate the pairing of the iphone and Tekremote by pushing the green (bottom left) button on the TekRemote for one second… so the phone icon appears on the tekremote screen.


any similar experience??? I’ll get back to the forum to tell you if this workaround keeps working.

james in paris

I have a Pantech Slate phone, Siemens Pure 500s and I haven’t encountered that problem. However, I rarely use the Tek Bluetooth transmitter (because I find it easier to use the cable and not charge the transmitter) and I don’t use it at all on the phone. I typically use the cable to the Tek from my laptop or my iPod. I have received a phone call while listing to either device and switched to the Bluetooth cell call with out any problems.

Since you are using the same device for two separate programs (music and phone calls) maybe the iPhone gets confused.