FOR SALE - Two ReSound Multi Mic's


Hi all, I have two lightly used ReSound Multi Mics that I’d like to sell. They were originally with ReSound Quattros, but I’ve decided to go with a different hearing aid brand (Phonak). I am unable to return these unfortunately. They were $375 new from my audiologist. I have the original boxes. I’d like to sell each for $200 plus shipping (I am on East Coast of US).



hello-I am considering (i.e. going to try out) the ReSound Quattros) I would like to
have a multi mic to try with the aids, so am interested in one of yours. I do not want
to invest much in that there is a good chance I too will instead purchase the phonak
/If you would accept closer to $100-$125 please let me know.
Thank you-
Sally Burman



Sorry i am selling them for $200 elsewhere. I now realize $150 was too low. If interested at that price let me know. They were $375 new.



Will they work with te ks8



No. It will not. MultiMics are for Resound. KS8 is Rexton.

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I have a phone clip and a unite mic that are available Had to go to Phonaks for CROS which Resound doesn’t carry