FOR SALE - Two ReSound Multi Mic's

Hi all, I have two lightly used ReSound Multi Mics that I’d like to sell. They were originally with ReSound Quattros, but I’ve decided to go with a different hearing aid brand (Phonak). I am unable to return these unfortunately. They were $375 new from my audiologist. I have the original boxes. I’d like to sell each for $200 plus shipping (I am on East Coast of US).

hello-I am considering (i.e. going to try out) the ReSound Quattros) I would like to
have a multi mic to try with the aids, so am interested in one of yours. I do not want
to invest much in that there is a good chance I too will instead purchase the phonak
/If you would accept closer to $100-$125 please let me know.
Thank you-
Sally Burman

Sorry i am selling them for $200 elsewhere. I now realize $150 was too low. If interested at that price let me know. They were $375 new.

Will they work with te ks8

No. It will not. MultiMics are for Resound. KS8 is Rexton.

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I have a phone clip and a unite mic that are available Had to go to Phonaks for CROS which Resound doesn’t carry

Do you still have these? I’d be interested in buying one. Please email me at
Thank you,

No sorry. Sold both.