Foot and moth disease.

True story…
I’m currently in bed in a rehab hospital after having major orthopedic surgery. For those that don’t know I’m a CI recipient, I take my ears off at night before bed and put them on after showering in the morning.

At 7 am this morning I was still in the land of nod, when my specialist woke me. She started talking away to me while I’m trying to get my brain to quickly start working. Mind you I haven’t understood a word she has said, when I said “oh this is useless”. I suddenly realized what I said, and apologized, explaining I need my ears on before I can hear anything to hold a discussion with anyone.

It sure makes a huge difference even if I, like today just put my processor on.


I can definitely relate to that. Even my beloved refers to my HAs as “your ears” yet often forgets. So often in fact that at bedtime I, being a home automation nut, have a Flic button stuck on the corner of my nightstand which, when held down by me, says in a firm but caring and polite Alexa voice:
“Karen, just a friendly reminder that when Nate has his ears sitting in that little white box aside our bed, and his mouth is taped shut, and his CPAP machine is humming, it is a bit difficult for him to engage in conversations with you, much as he would love to do so.” :joy: