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Yes I bought my first pair of Oticon vigo’s in 2009, upgraded to Nera in 2014 and planning on going to opn in the fall. Liking those chirps can be expensive.



I had been losing my hearing a long for so long I had forgotten what a lot of sounds were. Since getting started with hearing aids, May of 2005, I have slowly been hearing the sounds again and let’s say relearning what they are and what makes the sounds. With each newer hearing aids I have received over those years I have been able to hear new sounds, even with my hearing getting worse. Hearing aids are improving that much and that fast now. Also, dealing with hearing loss is something you have to be willing to deal with, you have to have patience of steel, and most of all you have to want to hear the best and the most possible. You have to be willing if necessary, to face down your Audi and say what you need, want, and at times to even make hard demands.
For me I use the VA Audiology Clinics and Audis, I have found most of them very willing and understanding. I have had to have patience with the fact I am not going to get the same day or even most of the next week appointments. I go in the clinic with my notes in hand. I may be retired and have the time to deal with doing this but the Audi’s time is limited and he or she has other patients waiting, so as much information I can give them up front the better. I also know that a change, however, well explained may or may not do the trick. And with me it seems to depend on how bad my tinnitus is at the time of the adjustment.

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My wife is a birder. She knows all the sounds of different birds. Can close her eyes and tell you what kind of bird she hears. She has taught me much about birds. Hopefully these new Naida V90 aids will allow me to hear birds again but speech is what’s really important to me.
The OP is so correct about the hearing aid industry. Aids are really getting better. Their ability to help even profound hearing loss is amazing. Reading the hearing success stories on this forum is inspirational.

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I know what I am trying to accomplish my be impossible, but I am willing to do and ask for what the best I can possibly get. Life is short and I have never been someone to except, that I cannot make it better. I am also someone that will do what ever I can to prove someone wrong that tells me I can’t do something.
That mindset has taken a farm boy from Texas to all of the states and many foreign countries. And in to jobs that higher educated people would kill for.