Food for Thought: Results of a Bing Search on: "ReSound Alexa"

Apologies to anyone who doesn’t think that this qualifies as a “scholarly article” but I’ve stumbled across an interesting Amazon web resource, posted on the Amazon Web Services as some sort of market analysis. Perhaps it’s the results of people who asked Alexa about ReSound and what else they were searching for with Alexa at the same time?

Perhaps the following page is what the Alexa links below are all about - so the two links below this what are apparently analyzing web site metadata used to try to direct searches and perhaps the behavior of web surfers who’ve visited competitive HA pages of interest, etc. Competitive Analysis Tools: Benchmark, Track and Research Sites – Alexa

The Alexa-ReSound Amazon page apparently breaks down site traffic to vs other sites like Phonak and, guess what?!, (and also

I haven’t figured out what it all means yet (too busy with my online course) but I had been looking at IFTTT routines to use with my Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats, then idly decided to see what IFTTT routines were available for hearing aids, found only Oticon of a few that I tried, thought maybe some like Starkey or ReSound might have Alexa routines, entered the Search term, “ReSound Alexa” (without the quotes) and Bingo! Perhaps one could get different views by putting in other terms like “Phonak Alexa,” etc. but I’ll let anyone else with more time than I have right now play around with it if they want.

Update: A search on “Phonak Alexa” yields a similar but somewhat different analysis in terms of associated keyword searches related to Phonak.

Trying to use ReSound as a search keyword in combination with Google Home, Siri, or Cortana doesn’t yield anything as interesting and curious.

And P.S., here’s the Alexa market analysis for

The Amazon site seems to be offering to sell visitors who sign up to use Amazon’s web search services search visibility in the returned hit list, perhaps for Alexa searches - shades of Google! (or welcome to the real world)