Fm vs Assistive listening devices


I am needing to hear in class. I currently have Ak9 that are a complete waste of time.

I am looking into the ALDs umm mostly cos of cost,

Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of a ALD in a classroom

can anyone tell me the pros and cons of a fm in a classroom

I would like something that works with the AK9s

Err … an ALD is usually a cheap device used INSTEAD of an hearing aid.

(There is however a wide range of ALDs)

ALDs do NOT usually correct your hearing loss … at best they might have a Bass & Treble control. FM systems work THROUGH your hearing aid and so correct your hearing loss.

ALDs are cheap … FM is expensive.

FM needs the teacher to use an FM transmitter. ALDs are usually standalone.

Shouldn’t your doctor have explained all this to you at some point?


Thanks for that I’ve had really POOR management of my hearing loss. No one has bother to explain much other you have a slight/mild conductive low frequency hearing loss in both ears.

An Adviser on Deaf and Hearing Impaired Children was ment to come out and to assessment of me at school and the possibility of an Fm system. This has not happended yet!

I got my notes today and plan to do follow up.

You cant compare an FM system to a ALD. It’s like comparing a Mercedes to a 1968 Dodge Dart

I have the comfort contego FM system and it is the most amazing device and my hearing is in the severe range. As long as I am in a quite environment I dont struggle to hear people anymore. In noisy environments it doesnt help a great deal because you have to put the transmitter close to the person which is not always practical. But for work and school purposes which are quite environments it’ll help you a great deal.

The product also works with your TV. You connect the transmitter to the TV and you will hear it crystal clear (at least I do).

The price is steep, i paid over $800 for mine but it is worth every penny. I consider it a gift that God dropped down to me because it helped me hear so much better at work and relieved all the stress I had day after day. I cant say enough good things about it.