FM systems vs. Widex Aikia

At the moment I am trying a pair of Widex Aikia aids. I have an Audio processing disorder and I’m not in a classroom setting. My question is
Are there Fm system that I would wear and the person talking to me would not have to wear a mic?

Sure there is…

For example, I use a Smartlink SX with a ML10i custom receiver. I can use it for my personal transmitter and hang it on my neck, or put it on a table. It is discreet enough not to attract attention and is strong enough to hear a person about 5-10 feet away and block the background noise. For non-phonak (and Phonak) aids, you will have to use a DAI boot and a MLxi receiver. It also looks like any FM receiver will work as long as it’s on the same channel/frequency.

NOT in a classroom I DON’T go to school. A big thanks to ljjehi that’s great because I really DON’T want to ask my friends to wear a transmitter. It’s great that I can plug it my new bluetooth phone and home phone.
How much is it to buy? with the DAI/FM audio shoes
If you know the cost please what contry you are from.

Where’s Nelson? I’m from the United States, in the big state of Texas…mine is to be paid for by the state. I paid a portion of my share fr my equipment and the state is to help me with the rest.

The Phonak transmitter is close or just past $1000, each FM receiver is about $800 a piece. That’s why if you’re able to get some support, it will be very helpful. Here’s a link to a price:

Not easy to find a list of vendors, but the second link has the transmitter and receiver you need. You just need a compatible boot for your aid that is usually about $25, I believe…

It’s in nz and that’s why I asked what contry you are from.
Thanks for you help

Cool!! it’s nice to see others from all parts of the world…what part of the country are you comfortable buying from? What breaks can you get for maybe reduced or free cost from the government?

And your old pin model works with the Smartlink SX?? What brand and model is it?

and your friend has a Smartlink SX that works with Phonic ear?

That sucks to have to wait until then. There’s no way to fix the old aid?

I think because I am in education(the correspondence school) I can get it through the education board. I also know that the Enable the state funding agency that partally funds hearing aids and all other disabity not for school/work.Fully fund the Ociton Lexis. I am moving to christchurch on the 25th of August I will need to make an appointment with the speech threapist down there to see if they will fund it but that could be 6 months away.If I have to go through the hospital. I might get move up the list because I am unable to be understooded on the phone. So what if something gos wrong and I have ring 111(nzs 911) and they can’t understand me. And I have not got an Adviser on deaf children in Nelson or christchurch(because my last school said there was nothing wrong with my hearing just after the audiolist had just picked up on Audio processing disorder.So why have I just been fitted with hearing aids) but have already started to work with specal education to get one.

The Phonak transmitter is close or just past $1000, each FM receiver is about $800 a piece. That’s why if you’re able to get some support, it will be very helpful. Here’s a link to a price:

This is the most disappointing piece of equipment ever made. For the price I would think it had to be great. Mine was also to be paid for by the state. The reason they wanted me to have it, it was supposed to make it easy to understand conversation in a noisy environment, but it only works in a very quiet environment. I tested it at Starbucks and I almost went deaf. The background noise was super amplified. In a grocery store it was a complete failure. The loop someone one wears around the neck picks up the sound of the fabric of people’s clothing. It sounds like scratching in your ears. The human speech was not amplified enough and was still not improved enough to make me happy. I went to the website. I have no idea what the claim it will or won’t do. The only number to call them to call Europe long distance. It did improve the sound of the actors speaking on tv, but I hardily think the state should pay so I can hear tv better. After the test in real life my ears really hurt for several hours due to being blasted with background noise. I wish it had a microphone so someone could try to talk into it to send the sound of the voice to your hearing aid, but I can’t even tell which end you are supposed to speaking into. There is no directional mic like there should be. It may help someone who can’t understand human speech at all, if they stay in a quiet environment, and maybe that is all they claim it should do, but it’s not like you can get back to the time before you hearing lose with this thing. I was told it costs 5,000 dollars. Maybe they only make money charging the US government to buy it for people because hardily anyone would want to pay for that out of pocket. :mad:
We are having a recession. The government is wasting money on things like this.

What kind of FM receivers do you use with the Smartlink? What hearing aids are being used to complement the receivers? Do you use the smartlink with or without the volume on the aids? I’m trying to understand how you were using the Smartlink (Microphones on aids and Smartlink, or only the microphones with aid microphones turned off)