FM Question :) Help please!

At the moment, I have FM+Mic set on my Naidas.

When I switch to that program, I can still hear noise from my TV at only a slight decrease in volume as my everyday program in my right ear with my left ear muted. When I change ears, so right muted and left in FM+Mic program, I can barley hear the TV.

Is it because of my hearing loss?

In the past with the old FM system and using direct input for music, again I could barely hear the sound coming through on the left side but the right was clear sound and a good volume, it was not too quiet.

I have no FM system at the moment. I am due to get it on Friday as my other one (altho new) died completely.

When I am in my everyday program, altho I am unable to understand ANY speech out my left side, I can hear equal noise from both ears as in my left side does not seem too quiet when in that program.

I am thinking to ask to have my FM program set to FM only and only wear one receiver as my left barely picks up anything.

Is there anything else my audiologists can do? I would assume my MPO is set the same in both everyday program and FM+Mic program.

The only other program I have is mute so I am unable to check to see if the problem lies with just the FM program.

THANKS :slight_smile: