FM device for multiple uses

I have severe to profound hearing loss (average of 95+ dB) and am applying to medical school. In college I used an FM system with neckloop quick worked but was far from ideal.
As I begin interviewing with medical school I need to be able to demonstrate that with assistive devices I can hear lectures and use a stethoscope.
I have been thinking that with an electronic stethoscope and an FM transmitter, I should be good.
I wear phonak naidas and am looking into getting either DAI boots (downsides are wires and not waterproof) or FM boots (no wires and are design integrated) with some transmitter. I think either a smartlink+ or inspiro would work.
Anybody have experience with either device.
Situations where I would use FM include:
Noisy situations
Listening to music

Any help would be appreciated.

My Audiogram has changed a bit: 110dB at 1k in both ears and about 10 additional decibels in each ear for each frequency.

Hi there.

I have some experience similar to your and am a college counselor. I have much of the Phonak equipment for the classroom needs of FM technology to be successful in a college classroom. In working with the Phonak rep for several months and many trials, I think I have come up with a doable system with many configurations available to me. Please look at my signature description to see what I have come up with.

I wish you luck and success with your application to medical school.

I have a similar hearing loss as you and use Naidas as well with the integrated FM receivers (Phonak MLxi I think) and a Smartlink+. If you opt for an FM system I would suggest going with the integrated receivers. They are much less obtrusive and the Naidas can be programmed to automatically switch to an FM program as soon as the Smartlink+ is turned on. I got this system last year to help with year long training in a new job and wished I would have done this in college (I didn’t attend class regularly or slet a lot since I couldn’t hear my professors well). The Smartlink+ and integrated receivers is a bit pricy, but if your job would depend on it and it would be used frequently, I highly recommend it b/c the system is pretty good in terms of functionality and appearance. Regarding the stethoscope, I have heard of amplified electronic scopes. If they have an audio jack, you would be able to use either a Smartlink+ or an iCom. I’ve found that the iCom produces a much better quality of sound than the FM since it uses digital transmission technology and FM is analog (susceptible to EM interference easily and not in stereo sound).


Hey I’m selling a Comfort Audio FM neckloop system on Ebay for very cheap compared to the RRP. I don’t need it. Its similar to a pocket talker and probably better quality…
If you need any questions answering, just ask, Im an audiologist. Search ebay for:

Comfort Contego FM loop system(Hearing Aid alternative) It would work with most of the above situations you would want to use them in.