FIXED! Audiogram not showing up


The forum got a update recently. The like buttons are now hearths instead of thump ups. Also the audiogram club icon is bigger. However i can no longer see audiograms of ppl without going to their profile on

I use Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Am I alone? Or do anybody else have the same problem?

UPDATE: Problem was fixed after just a few hours (if not less).


I have the same problem


Weird, I am seeing the thumbs up and audiograms. We did upgrade, so bare with us sometimes our customizations break on upgrade. What OS are you on @emil ?


I don’t see Audiograms and I do see hearts; Windows 10/Firefox.


Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1803 with all patches installed.


I tested this in incognito and see the problem now. Will work on a fix.


As an aside; Does the Optical Illusion that I will describe below happen to anyone else?

When I look at the tiny earphones icon that is attached to my pvc avatar that icon does indeed look like a set of earphones. But when I look at the same icon on another avatar (for example @emil) then the icon looks like a palm tree. And then sometimes the tiny icon morphs back and forth from earphones to a palm tree. Is it just me? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For me, the earphones looks the same for myself as others. And i see them like earphones, not a palm tree. However normally its a very small icon… (right now its bigger than usual as I said in the first post).


I normally see palm tree, but can see earphones if I think about it.


I can see both, I can change my visual effect depending on what I want to see, palm tree or headphones. Ain’t us humans fun? :smiley:


Oh, the earphone icon has also inadvertently gotten bigger in the past. Maybe @abram_bailey_aud 's fix will make it small again.


Try refreshing, I think we fixed it.


I no longer have the problem with the audiogram, the thumbs up is back, and the audiogram-club icon is back to normal size.

Off-topic: Btw, how come you can’t like your own posts? No room for self-love? <3


You might need to ask the good folks over at :slight_smile:


Every thing is back to normal for me also, thanks


Still not seeing them. W10 and Firefox.


Try logout/login…


Or Shift + F5 to discard the cache while reloading.


No problem with my chomebook using chrome browser