Fix for clicking on Kirkland 8 when streaming and Tile app

I recently got Kirkland 8 hearing aids, and the sound is awesome. I’m hearing SO much better than with my K5s. But, I was experiencing a repetitive clicking in my left ear whenever streaming through my iPhone. The folks at my local Costco suggested it could be Bluetooth interference related to my Tile key-finding app. Turning the app completely off eliminated the clicking, but now how to find my keys?

A little more research and I discovered that within the settings on the Tile App (Tile: settings/connectivity) you can toggle on “Limit Bluetooth Connections.” This seems to turn Tile’s Bluetooth off while other bluetooth devices are using the iPhone. Tried it, and it works. No clicking.

Hope this helps someone else!


Thanks for the info, I noticed a little of the same thing other mine.