Fitting the Phonak Naida S IX UP

Hi, I am new here and this is my first post.
I have the Phonack Naida IX UP which is now 3 years old. This has been a great hearing aid and has served me well. Since my health plan allows me to get a new aid every 3 years I decided to get a new HA. I am now being fitted with the new Naida S IX UP. I thought the fitting would be simple, far from it. Since the new aid is supposed to be an improved aid the programing had to start from scratch.

The audiologist used the old aid by putting it in some contraption to get a graph off it and matched the new aid to that graph. However I am not getting the same clarity as with the old HA.
After 3 fittings the sounds are muffled and I cannot understand speech at all. On the TV link setup everything is clear like the old aid so I cannot understand why the microphone input is not likewise. There must be some settings that can be cut back or turned off. The aid has the following programs: Automatic, speech in quiet, speech in noise, music, Mic and Telecoil, Telecoil.
Any ideas what I can do?
Freq R
0250 80
0500 85
1000 85
2000 75
4000 95
8000 100
Left ear is dead
Word discrimination: 60% right

The new Naida Q90 UP is out now, might want to try that? Q90 is = to the IX old name.

I did try the Q but I could not get used to it at all, it was worse for me than the one I am wearing at present. The Q was picking up the high frequencies in a way that was hard on my ears.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to try and mimic your old hearing aid. I would suggest getting an updated hearing test and starting a new fitting based on those results, and then fine-tuning. Did you also get new earmolds?

The Naida Q has only just come out about 2 weeks ago, how long did you try it for?

I did get the tests and mold etc. I never have any luck when the HA is programmed to the tests. I have berm wearing hearing aids for 60 years. For the last 40 years I have been getting new ones every 3 years. I was able to adjust the settings myself before the digital HA’s came out.

I got the Q90 aid the first week of January and could not get used to it. Maybe I need the Phonak rep to work with me. I am seeing the other audiologist tomorrow, maybe he can help.

Really?? They’ve only just appeared on the Phonak website and my Audi said the Q has only just come out. He has only just had the training on it as the Q has only just come out :slight_smile:

My friend in Canada has only just been able to order the Naida Q as well.

That is strange, I got the literature / pamphlet in December, had my hearing test the first week of January, got the funds from my insurance the third week of January and the Q90 was ordered. It was in the following week.

I live in Ontario Canada.

My friend lives in Ontario as well, very strange but its weird how to world works, lol.

My friend loves the Q70 UPs. I would start from the very beginning and try and not copy things over from your last Naidas :slight_smile: My friend upgraded from the Naida core and she’s noticed a huge improvement with the Naida Q70 UPs.

You probably tried out the Bolero Q90 back in January. The Naida Q90 was just released recently.

That could be the reason why. I thought they had only just been released. You may like the Naida Q as there will be more room for compression compared to the Bolero Q.

Glee my memory is short lived. I remember the Q90 part but I forgot the Bolero part, sorry about the misunderstanding.

The Q90, the Bolero that is, was set up according to my hearing loss and it was terrible. About 5 fittings later I could no longer stand it as nothing was working out.

The Nadia IX SP was matched to my previous Starkey instrument and a few sessions later I was able to hear better than ever. Male voices and low tones are my biggest problem. My best bet is when these are brought up to mid range.

Like I mentioned before I have never had any luck with a HA set up to my hearing test. In the end matching it as close as possible to the old aid has always worked for me. And getting older makes it harder, it takes longer to get the ears used to it. I am a few months shy of 70 and lost my hearing as a result of spinal meningitis at the age of 30 months in 1946. I did not get my first HA until I was 10, it was a Zenith Royal T.

Thinking about it, you properly wouldn’t notice any different with the Naida Q90 UP as all the new features need two aids to work and as you only wear one, they won’t work.

It seems that the more features a hearing aid has the more problems I have with fittings. Before the digital aids there were only 3 manual adjustments for most. I would get it fitted and then later at home I would fine tune it myself. That always worked for me. I end up with some features turned off with the new digital aids.

I remember my first digital HA. I was sitting in a quiet room with a clock softly ticking in the background. The ticking kept getting louder and louder until it sounded like a loud drumbeat. I snapped my fingers and suddenly all was quiet again. Then I heard what sounded like an idling truck outside. Gradually the sound got louder and louder and I thought the truck was right outside, impossible. I snapped my fingers and suddenly the sound was faint once again. Guess what it was? Believe it or not it was the fridge! Then also when listening to the radio, if I turned the radio up or down the HA would do likewise ugh.

My Naida Q90s are due in this week for trial and my audi has been dispensing them for weeks, I hope all goes well as distortion has been my biggest problem. Will post my impressions.

Ok here is an update.

Last Friday I went for a fitting, I had requested the other audiologist. When I left my hearing aid kept giving out high pitched feedback, so back to my old aid. I had booked another appointment for today before I left.

Finally something positive:

This morning after further adjustments I told the audiologist that the clarity was still unacceptable. I asked him to listen to my aid himself. He stated that his ears were different. I told him he would hear what I was talking about. He listened and said “I now understand what you are talking about.” Then I told him to listen to my old aid and then he really understood where I was coming from.

He printed out the settings for my old aid, about 4 pages worth, and then went over each one of the 5 programs and made adjustments. Now I finally have the clarity with the new aid that I had with the old one. He said that he heard the overpowering highs on my new aid when he first tried it.

I have booked another appointment for Monday coming up for some more fine tuning.

YAY!!! I am finally getting somewhere. I have a feeling that if my other audiologist had tried the Bolero Q90 when I tried it out he would have understood better what I meant.


Glad things have worked out. Having another Audi can really help. I’ve done the same :slight_smile:

So I think I may take the plunge and try the Naida Q BTE - hope they will work for my severe loss.

The Naida Q UP will be WAY better for your loss then a CIC aid!

Thanks NaidaUP - I think my CIC days are over unfortunately, but I want to hear! Hope the Naida Q will be good for me.