Fitting Programming Widex my first hearing aid

first post

  1. Thank you folks! Have spent much time reading your posts, and truly appreciate your willingness to share knowledge, experience, advice, and expertise.
  2. Purchased a used Widex Flash FL-9
  3. Awesome to be able to hear the birds again. Life Sparkles! I’m happy.
  4. The HA works well for me, as is. I will get a hearing test and have it programmed by the local ha repairman. (an hour drive)
  5. I would like to look at the Compass software before having my aids reprogrammed … save time - increase my options - possibly better first fit …
  6. This will be fee for service. (Admit that I was tempted by the whole trial “free” system that we have in the West… just tend to open source, while understanding the pitfalls.)
  7. Read the self programming threads many interesting points. May spend the time to do it some day. Much to learn before then.
  8. The CE and audiology learning sites are great! Now my head is full of acronyms, and look I just used one. (This is almost as bad as my time in service.)

???Widex blocked their info unless one has a billable account.
Would like to look at the Compass V4 software???
open to PM

Thanks again, Richard

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                              <b>Now you know "</b><b>the </b><b>rest of the story".

I wouldn’t try to do it yourself. It is one thing to know, for example, what entrainment is, but it may be much more tricky to adjust it out while still getting the proper benefit from the aids.

If you were going to hire someone to adjust your hearing aids, what would you look for? How about someone with some general audiological education and knowledge, preferably someone who keeps up with the latest research. Then, you would want someone with training and experience in adjusting hearing aids, preferably not someone just out of school. Then you would want to get a sense that the person is an expert with a particular brand or two. The person also needs the right equipment to run the feedback manager with the aids in the ears, and be able to run Real Ear Measurement.

So if you need all that, would you hire you?


Good advice. Points made. No argument here.

I will be hiring experience, and knowledge soon. (Hope the audi has experience with old Widex hearing aids.) Will soon find out what sort of equipment he has. You people sure end up making some big investments.

"5. I would like to look at the Compass software before having my aids reprogrammed … save time - increase my options - possibly better first fit … "

Right now I am exploring an interesting field, and having fun hearing again.

I’m looking for an excellent fit within limited fiscal constraints.
(Yeah A,hm bein cheap.)

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Even as a reasonably experienced Hearing Aid Audiologist, once you have completed the fitting wizard, Compass is about the least visually intuitive of the software, but it does identify the right version of itself when you attach your aids and the sensogram is quite straightforward.

Thanks Um
Still only charging $10 for advice, or has inflation hit.


If I had a dollar etc,

I was tempted at one point to stick it all down in a ‘Hearing Aids For Dummies’ sort of book, but (apart form the non-PC title) I don’t think it would do that well, plus the half-life of the information wouldn’t be that wonderful.

Um Bongo.

You are putting yourself down!!!

“Hearing Aids for Dummies” - just what we want! A half life of information, would be better than none, and how to drive the software even better. It doesn`t have to have a PC title either……Go get your pen!!