Fitting of Epoqs


I have this problem only on one hearing aid…i wear Oticon epoqs RITE Receiver-in-the-ear…and my right hearing aid really comes out very easily…the left one is always snug.
I am scared the right hearing aid will fall off, without me noticing it.

Any idea why is it happening? should i go visit audiologist to have the thin plastic pipe aligned or can i do it myself?


I had the same problem with the right earpiece working its way out some. My audi contacted Oticon and they are making a new ear piece. Contact your audi, this problem is not right, and should be corrected.

Thank you for relplying, what do you mean you have new earpiece done by Oticon? Mine was snug before (right hearing aid), but now its loose…i think the adjustment might be related to dome-fitting?

Does this happen often, is there any right way to wear and take-off these kind of hearing aid? (RITE)


have U use the little retainer?

What is little retainer?

My audi attached the grips to the hearing aids, and now it looks like its going to stay in place…

She also gave me another dome to try, but it was too snug and had no hole on it, meaning it gave me a plug-feel and the sound quality got bad as well.

I think the grips should work!

Oticon made my ear pieces for the Epoq P that I have. I assumed they made them for you.

One thing to note: Domes can become deformed over time and should be replaced on a regular basis. If you had been wearing the same domes daily for a while, and you notice it getting loose, change to a fresh pair. They are very cheap. Before I went to Custom Fit Molds my AuD always supplied me with extra domes.