Fitted with Oitcon Spirit Zest P - UK NHS Hearing Aid


I Recently was fitted with an Oticon Spirit Zest P by the NHS.

This is a very good aid. I have used private aids in the past - Phonak Savia Art and Perseo. It compares favourably to both.

It has telecoil, but no bluetooth capability, which is a slight downside.

But it captures speech well, has a good battery life, performs reasonably well in noise - not too great in excessive noise situations - like Franky & Bennys with hundreds of kids.

Overall though, very impressive for an NHS aid. Very surprising.

250 500 1k 2k 4k 6k 8k

40 40 65 55 80 75 75 (Left Ear )
50 50 60 60 75 75 75 (Right Ear)

The Oticon Spirit Zest Power Communicate has the streamer/bluetooth capability. It also has the same rise 2 chip as the top end HA’s. I have spoken to Oticon and they tell me that this HA is exactly the same as the Agil (but branded for the NHS) has exactly the same features, and only the Agil Pro betters it. You just need to find a good Audi to set them up well (which mine isn’t) :slight_smile:

Oh, forgot to say, they do have Telecoil, but the good old NHS don’t set the programme for it unless you specifically ask. They tell me “most people prefer not to have fiddly settings”