First week experience with HA,s OPN1


I have had the HA,s for a week now and I think I have adjusted fairly well to them. I have the OPN1 miniRites and after day 3, I hardly noticed the units in my ear. At first, it felt like I had a bug running up and down my ear canal. I heard sounds that I haven’t heard in a long time and it was overwhelming at first. But now I am beginning to heard some static sounds in my left ear which is my bad ear. Also I notice that the high frequency sounds in my left ear are not well defined. I think that these small issues can be corrected at my next audi visit next Friday. My right ear is great. I am very happy so far with this week’s experience


If this is your first hearing aids then it will take time. Some have needed much more time to adjust than others.


If you have a copy of your Audiogram you should enter it into your profile. This would be helpful to others because first, they will have a general idea about your hearing loss before commenting about your issues.

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I didn’t get the exact numbers but I think that I am very close to the results on my updated audiogram.


You may just need a couple of months for your brain to get used to the new sounds.


What size receiver are you being fitted with?


60 in my right ear, the good one and an 80 in the left ear.


Yesterday, I went to a very noisy kennel club meeting and i became over whelmed with all the noise. I have demo units so I don’t have any extra programs for this situation. I gave me bad head ache and upset to my stomach. I turned the HA down and that helped. I also think I had a touch of the flu. I like these HAs but think that they need some adjustment. The right ear seems spot on but the left ear isn’t giving me the higher frequencies and has some static. I have an 80 reciever in that ear, do you think a larger reciever would help?


Some have said that due to the difference in the hearing loss of your ears that he OPNs may not be the best hearing aids for you in noisy environments.


I don’t think you need a larger receiver in your left ear. However, like Cvkemp said, the OPN with its openness and not blocking out noise, may tend to be overwhelming with all the noise to people with bad hearing loss in the low frequencies, especially when coupled with asymmetrical hearing loss between the two ears. At least that’s what’s been observed in this forum for a few other members with similar hearing loss profile to yours not having much luck with the OPN but with better luck with other hearing aid models that more aggressively actually blocking out the noise.

I’m not a professional, but I think that first of all, the asymmetrical hearing loss may take out important binaural cues that help with speech understanding in noisy situations.

Then after that, low frequencies amplification needed for your left ear may overshadow the high frequencies amplification. Not that it’s not there, but your perception may give weight to hearing the low amplification more, so the highs may seem lacking, especially when you have a stark contrast in your right ear hearing the highs better in that ear in the first place.

Also loud noises may also cause the 85dB receiver on your left ear to be saturated when overdriven, leading to the distortion you’re hearing with the left receiver like what you reported. You can try a bigger receiver to solve this issue. But I’m not sure if solving this issue alone will be enough because it doesn’t touch on the asymmetrical hearing loss you have.

With a hearing aid model that aggressively blocks out more noise in loud noisy situations, at least it should help reduce the noise, hence becomes less overwhelming to you. That should help you focus on speech much better.

The OPN is a good hearing aid for many people, but with your asymmetrical hearing loss and pretty bad low frequency hearing loss on your left ear, it may be worthwhile to also trial another brand / model that will more aggressively block out noise than the OPN.


Yesterday, I began trialing Signia Pure CROS and I must admit I hear voices much better. I don’t hear all the sounds around me as I did with the OPN and the left ear is shut down with all the sound going to my right ear. I hear everything will but don’t have any idea where it is coming from. So far, I like them. I think we could program the OPNs better but why?


Why? You would probably benefit by aiding both ears.


You hearing isn’t that bad in your left ear hearing aids can help you if you get the right hearing aids and fit correctly.


I have worn these Signia Pure CROS HAs and I feel cheated in what I am not hearing. First, everything is in mono but I guess that is from SSD. I do hear things on the left side but don’t realize that it is coming from the left. Music sounds awful and the aids can be overwhelming if too many people are talking at the same time. I am scheduled to get OPN1 back that have been programmed for situations with lots of people talking. I am hoping that they work. Right now, I can’t see spend lots of money on these aids.


Due to the differences in your ears I have to be honest OPNs may not work for you.