First timer needs advice on audiogram results

I see this question posted elsewhere but didn’t seem to find a better place to ask my questions so…here goes.

I am 55 years old. I have been advised by my ENT to get hearing aids for both ears. Never worn them before. I have some tinnitus but have had gradually deteriorating hearing. It is genetic…both sides. I work in an office. Lots of meetings with groups of 10 - 20 staff. I ride a commuter train to work. Very noisy. I use an Ipod/Iphone (keep the volume low!!) with noise suppressing earphones made by Etymotc Research which helps with the noise on the train. I am physically active, bike, fishing, hiking, theatre etc.

I am considering either the Siemens Centra Active, Cielo 2 Active or Oticon Epoq XW. Don’t want to spend $6 - 8K but will if it really is better.


My audiogram is as follows:

right ear


left ear

Speech Audiometry


Threshold 20 dB HL
Word recognition 100


Threshold 15 dB HL
Word recognition 100



Canal Volume 1.8
Peak Pressure -5
Static Admittance 1.4


Canal Volume 1.9
Peak Pressure 0
Static Admittance 1.2

you could save money… if you wait 3 weeks and get epoq V,
Im pretty sure, siemens would introduce a similar product in the mid range…

Hi Echohawk,

Your hearing loss seems quite mild. What are your hearing levels like at 3000 and 6000Hz? did you go to see the ENT for the tinnitus or hearing difficulties? How annoying is your tinnitus and how limiting is your hearing loss to you? Which situations if any do you find your hearing loss limiting in (possibly only in background noise)?

Based on your answers to these questions you may or may not need hearing aids yet. If you do need Hearing aids it will inevitably be openfit devices that still allow all the natural sounds into you ears, while only amplifying the high frequencies. This would mean you would probably not choose to replace your current iPod configuration with a streaming device as the latter will allow you to hear the full noise on the train. Do you use your iPod extensively elsewhere?

By comparison my loss is worse, and with my open fit aids I use my iPod, with the ear buds in my ears while the tulip domes are in there, with no problem.

And I had a similar reaction - that is a very mild loss.

It’s very confusing to me. My hearing has been problematic for a few years now. When side conversations get going at meetings, I get so distracted and everything sounds muddy enough that I can’t conduct my work. I use an iPhone for work and take maybe 15 calls a day along with another 1 1/2 hours listening to music or movies while on the train. I don’t have a problem with my current setup for the iPhone because it works in all ways.

At 3000Hz, both ears are at 25. At 6000, the right is at 50 and the left is at 65. The final reason for the ENT visit was tinnitus. I was planning to go later in the year for hearing in general but the tinnitus was and is bugging me quite a lot.

Thanks again.

Considering you have issues with both tinnitus and some hearing difficulty, you may want to try a set of openfit hearing aids - make sure you get a 30-day trial (at least). You will either love them or find too little benefit for the expense - each person is different.

For the hearing aid to be effective in reducing the tinnitus it needs to have a wide frequency range of 6 or even 8Khz - make sure the audi can advise you on the hearing aid’s frequency range. In my practice I find that receiver in the canal devices have a better tinntius suppression effect than slim tube devices. Stay away from any completely in the ear devices as they block off your ears more than openfit and can increase your tinnitus sensation. I would certainly start with the most affordable device I can find that meets these specifications and upgrade within the 30 days if I need more (If I were you). This is because where tinnitus is concerned you want high frequency amplification and other features don’t matter as much. Stay away from online purchasing as you need more help with your issues than these options can offer. You’ll need one device in each ear to effectively address your tinnitus otherwise it will simply shift to the unaided ear.

A few devices which I have found useful in cases like yours have been (roughly from cheapest to dearest - not sure if they are all available in the US though as I’m from Australia)

Unitron 4 Moxi
Unitron 8 Moxi
Bernafon Brite 502
Unitron 16 Moxi
Brite 503
Phonak Audeo V
Delta 8000
Phonak Audeo IX
Epoq W
Epoq XW

Some of the newer devices that I have not yet fitted which look promising are:

Widex Passion
GnResound Dot 10, 20 and 30
Epoq V

and probably a ferw other’s I may have missed. As I said try before you buy.

I noticed you don’t mention Siemens products. Is that by choice? I was considering either a Centra Active or Cielo Active and possible the Phonak you mention. I was also considering the Epoq XW. Is there a problem with Siemens products?

Thanks again.

I have tried Siemens in the past, but they are by far my least favorites due to feedback issues (not such an issue with your loss) and reliability (especially corrosion despite the nano coating and C-Guard systems). I recently had an experience with both Cielo 2 active’s and Centra active’s (2 different clients) being DBR’s due to no fault of the users (and fortunately replaced under warranty by Siemens) due to corrosion just 2 months after fitting them. I might be biased but I have also worked with Siemens for years with a previous employer (only supplying Siemens) and these issues consistently came up.

Oticon will introduce also Vigo and Vigo pro - which should be a strip down version of the epoq (or epoq - Streamer - Wireless) at a mid price level…

Now, I would expect AAA, siemens and phonak to perhaps come up with something similar…